Pre-made Layouts – Enhancing Web Design Productivity

June 16, 2015 • By

Pre-made layouts create an opportunity to make better use of design options available to freelance website designers. They not only serve as useful starting points in design efforts, but they function as productivity and idea generating tools as well. These layouts are nor mere illustrations. They represent conceptual designs that encourage and enable a user to produce stunning web pages of the highest quality.

While most premade layouts can be edited to produce virtually any design, a web designer is more apt to produce a higher quality product in a shorter amount of time if a layout is available that features a concept that matches what the designers has in mind. It can therefore be to a designer’s advantage to have a variety of options to choose from.

A Sampling of Different Pre-made Layout Options

Many WordPress themes include pre-made layouts in their product packages. Some offer only a few, while others offer more, but very few offer a truly wide selection to choose from. As you browse the examples given here, you may come across one that could serve as a conceptual design for a project you have in mind. On the other hand, you may not see such an example here, but if you were to increase the number of different choices by a factor of 10 or 20, you should have much better luck in finding a layout that suits your needs.







Case study: Be Theme Layout Installation and Editing – Quick and Easy

Be Theme is a Responsive WordPress theme that not only offers a host of excellent pre-made layouts to its users, but it features one of the easiest processes for installing and editing a layout as you are likely to find anywhere.

This one-minute video demonstrates how simple and straightforward manipulate the process is.

Most Be Theme processes are easy and intuitive, as most of these processes, and the features they manipulate, work together seamlessly. When you make Be Theme your theme of choice, you will become an expert in no time at all, as more than a few satisfied users have testified:

Whether the subject is flexibility, a huge selection of pre-made layouts, the wide range of features, or the world-class support. Be Theme has it all!




World Class Support

WordPress theme users have experienced customer assistance and support that range from practically non-existent to excellent, although to be fair, the majority for theme authors provide support services that are fairly good. The number of authors who provide truly world class service and support is however rather small, but Be Theme’s support services definitely fit into this latter category.

For one thing, the response is prompt – always! If the answer to your question, or the solution to your problem, is not readily apparent, the support team will get back with you ASAP, and you will get an answer you can do something with. You will never have to put up with waiting for 24 hours, or two business days, or even longer, and get an answer that is not an answer at all. Be Theme’s support staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and they are there for you 24/7.

The images below our taken from Be Theme’s Themeforest discussion page.




Complete, detailed, and helpful responses, every one.

Be Theme’s Core Features Will Enhance Your Design Experience


It is not easy to pick the most useful and important core feature that Be Theme brings to the table, as there are so many. Some will tell you that the defining feature for this theme is its 100+ pre-made layouts that you get when you buy the theme, which definitely contribute to quality of design and productivity. Others might say it is the page builder, which enables you to quickly and easily create an entire website without having to resort to using a single line of code.

  • You can start with a blank page, and begin adding content, but you will be far ahead by selecting one of Be Theme’s huge selection of Pre-made Layouts. Be Theme offers far more layouts than any other theme, and you will find it a relatively easy task to find one that provides a perfect design concept you can build on.
  • Once you have a layout in place, it is time to put Muffin Builder to work. This drag and drop page builder has become a great favorite of many web developers. You can make use of code or shortcodes if you wish, but you can also create page after quality page without resorting to any code whatsoever when you pair the page builder with the powerful Admin Panel. Muffin Builder makes the design and creation of the more complex web pages, such as product-oriented webpages, about as easy as can be.


  • When you are designing page after page with ease, it is easy to get into a rhythm. It is also easy to get into a rut, in which case one page will begin to look like the next. Be Theme’s Layout Configurator makes it a snap to creat pages that are in many ways unique. This is a feature you will want to use extensively to create a website that puts your creative genius on display for all to see!
  • The Parallax Effect and Video Background feature can transform a bland web page into one that is simply stunning, and even entertaining. There are many other features you can employ to achieve similar results, such as the Custom Backgrounds feature, or the Unlimited Colors feature, but when a shortcut such as this one is available, take advantage of it.
  • Widgets, animated widgets, and sidebar choices open up other design options leading to design flexibility and versatility. Here again, the Admin Panel, in combination with the page builder, makes complex designs easy to implement, and simple but elegant designs easier still.

Be Theme is naturally Responsive and Retina Ready, so your website will look every bit as sharp on a tablet or mobile device as it will on a PC. This theme is also WooCommerce Ready, and WPML and RTL Ready. Finally, possessing a Be Theme license will allow you to receive automatic updates and take advantage of this theme’s world class service and support effort.


Make it a special point to further investigate this premier theme. You will like what you see. The demos aptly demonstrate how the design concepts embedded in the pre-made layouts can be put to good use.


Whether the project you have in mind is your first one, or you have used other themes in the past, Be Theme is a user-friendly, premier theme that has all the features and tools you need. You will find it to be an excellent choice.