How Did You Get Into Web Design?

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As we do every week, we like to offer a question to our readers that has been previously asked on Answers, we love to hear your thoughts and read your comments.
This weeks question is: How did you get into web design?.
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How did you get into web design?

This question was originally asked on Answers by Tim.

Answer from Chris:

I was working full time, doing some thankless job. At the same time I was starting up a blog, but I could not get past looking at all the WordPress themes available, then installing them, and trying to tweak it just so. Then, I got laid off from work, and now I am taking a web design course. So I am just getting into it, still in school, but, I love it! I am 36 years old, and I can honestly say this is the first time I am going to actually enjoy what I will be doing for a career. Very exciting.

Answer from Just_linda:

I created a fan site for a filmmaker friend of mine and from there he hired me to do his official site which led to more exposure and more paying clients. Other than taking a few Photoshop classes I’m pretty much self-taught. The internet is ripe with information and all I can say is practice as much as you can, follow design blogs to stay current and learn how to utilize social media for optimum networking.

Answer from Audee:

It started when I wasn’t too happy with default Blogger theme. I wanted to create a blog theme that fits my need at that time, so I did few experiments to tweak it and it came to be my first blog (Graphic Identity Blog). I attempted to design another blog themes for friends and have been so interested to CSS. Delivering PSD to CSS-HTML always makes me excited. I love the challenge to discover solutions for any kind of web design project and how to make them look nice in all browser. My main interests at this moment in web designing are jQuery and WordPress.

Answer from Heri Setiawan:

I went to vocational school majoring at Networking and Computer Tech. But i spent most of my time at school doing Need For Speed and Counter Strike. One day i got a flyer entitled Web Design Competition with big prizes. And i was starting to design my first website for the contest… And i was failed. But that’s what gave me a passion on website design.

Answer from Abhinav Sood:

A couple of years ago, I used to write at my “Inspirit Blog” where I wrote Free Blog Reviews ( ) and guided my readers on how to lay out their websites, and play with the design elements to generate maximum traffic and revenue and beautify their websites and blogs..

About an year after I started Inspirit, I was inducted into CSSJockey where Mohit Aneja ( web designer ) was about to start his freelance web design n development business.. So I helped him get started with CSSJockey and he got me deeper into xHTML / CSS.. Later, I learned to develop WordPress themes… Currently, I serve as the Lead Developer, Designer and Social Media Expert at CSSJockey ( ) ..

I haven’t had any formal training in web design and development ever.. But I do wish to go to a school for web design and polish my skills further, after I finish my under-grad school in about 3 semesters from now..

Answer from Dan:

I’ve started it as a hobby – same as Darren but much earlier I guess. My first steps I made where in MS Paint, And then my teacher showed me Corel Draw and Paint Shop Pro. I was amazed by its possibilities. It was about 18 years ago. Now I’ve got pretty good skills in Photoshop/Dreamweaver. I can do stuff in Flash and Illustrator as well.

What about you, how did you get started in web design?
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Thanks again, firstly to everyone who asked a question, but most importantly thanks to everyone that took the time to offer always helpful and useful answers.

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