Do You Support IE6 in New Projects?

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One of the most popular and hotly disputed questions on Answers recently has been “Do you support IE6 in new projects?“. IE6 has certainly been a thorn on every web designers side for a very long time, perhaps too long. Has the time finally arrived to stop supporting it? Should web designers still show a little consideration for this web browsing relic? What do you think?

The questions was originally asked by Maxt3r and so far has received 22 answers, some designers still do support it, others don’t and some even charge extra for supporting it, you can see these answers below.

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Do you support ie6 in new projects?

Question originally asked by Maxt3r.

Answer from Hoad:

I work in the Web Development team for the British children’s charity Barnardo’s and can confirm that yes, we do still support IE6 in new projects. Having said that, we will be very happy when the day comes that this ancient web browser is finally obsolete.

Answer from Darren Nickerson:

I think it depends on what kind of site im creating, if it’s a design related site I wouldn’t even think about it. Most people who use those sites, update their browser. But if I was doing a site for a general subject where casual internet users may use the site I would try to support it as much as possible

Answer from Rochelledancel:

It depends on the client. If their analytics data shows that a significant number of their visitors use IE6, it’s a no brainer, but I will also throw up an ‘upgrade to a better browser for free’ message and explain to the client why this is beneficial to everyone. Also, if they’re a charity or government office then yes, I’ll pitch and quote to include IE6 support.
Otherwise, I don’t support it, and I make it very clear to the client at the outset why I don’t; if they still push for it I’ll charge them a premium.

Answer from Lacy :

Definitely. If you’re in a professional environment … You have to support it. Looks at your analytics – and you’ll see that unfortunately there is still a large percentage of people using IE6.

Answer from Cy Klassen:

No. I will occasionally redirect IE6 users to a nice static page that shows the advantages of updating their browser (including simple steps how to upgrade). That seems like enough support to me.

Answer from Lacy:

I don’t. I mention this in my contract to clients. If they request support for IE6 I will add it in.
I would only advise a client to have support if I feel their target market is likely to use IE6.

If I develop a site without support and then find out in the analytics that there is a high percentage of people ‘trying’ to use the site with IE6 I would add support later on.

I would charge more for IE6 support.

What do you think? Do you support IE6 in new projects?

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