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jQuery as expected is a very popular tag on Answers. It is the greatest and possibly easiest Javascript framework to work with, but of course everyone at some point needs a little help with it or even just a query.

Have you tried posting a jQuery question on Answers yet? All you have to do is post the question and when someone does answer your ‘jQuery query’ (I love the way that sounds!), you will receive an email notification, and hey presto your solution is there waiting for you!

Couldn’t be easier, could it?

It has been yet another good week on Answers, loads of great questions and lots of even better answers from our huge 450+ members. Thanks for all your support!

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What’s the best way to learn jquery?

This question was asked by Ralph.

Answer from Paul Andrew:

Downloading plugins and following tutorials will only take you so far – what if you need something that simply hasn’t been done before? You would have to develop it yourself, you would have to learn jQuery from the begining and start with the basics.

In the Woods offers a video series (15 videos) that will teach you PRECISELY how to use the jQuery library in your own projects:
jQuery for absolute beginners.

Spyre Studios has written an article about how to how to get started with jQuery, and actually writing your first script: Simple Guide: How To Get Started With jQuery (Part One)

… As has Six Revisions: Getting Started with jQuery

… There is also
Learning jQuery, a multi-author blog offering jQuery tutorials and demos. They have tutorials for all skill levels, and each entry is categorized by level of difficulty…

… And finally
jQuery for Designers is another cool resource for learning jQuery.

Can libraries like Jquery replace everything you can do with Flash?

This question was asked by Rjene.

Answer from Prajwal:

Definitely not everything, especially when it comes to advanced motion effects, manipulation of images (beyond a certain extent), even user input to a certain extent..
jQuery definitely cannot replace flash…

Answer from Michael Mior :

However, for the practical purposes of most websites, you can usually get away with using jQuery over Flash.

Animations on the web – Flash or jQuery? Pros & cons?

This question was asked by Filip Biel.

Answer from Alessio:

Well, Flash is becoming less and less popular among web designers because Flash movies are so heavy and because not everybody has Flash (or the latest version of Flash) installed. Similarly, not everybody has Java enabled on their browser, but it’s default so more people would see a jQuery animation than a Flash one. So, I’d say going with jQuery would be the stronger choice. JQuery tends to be lighter and thus loads faster and easier on bandwidth as well.

How Can I Validate My Forms (strictly) Using jQuery?

This question was asked by Pablo G.

Answer from Alessio:

Have you tried the jQuery form validation plugin?

How can i create a nice javascript calender?

This question was asked by Vanart.

Answer from Nikowillson:

With the following code you’ll be able to create a JS powered calander that will shift to the relevant month when you click on the buttons…good luck 🙂

function writeCalendar(){
var calString = '';
calString += '';
// calString += '' + months[this.month] + ', ' + this.year + '';
calString += '<';
calString += '<';
// calString += ' ';
calString += '' + months[this.month] + ', ' + this.year + '';
calString += '>';
calString += '>';
calString += '';
calString += '';
calString += '';

return calString;

Unanswered Questions

There is only one question that has been left unanswered this week which is just amazing!
So, can you help poor Melissa Davis Nichols with her unanswered question:

  1. I’m looking for an easy Flash Loader tutorial?

Thanks again, firstly to everyone who asked a question, but most importantly thanks to everyone that took the time to offer always helpful and useful answers.

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