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February 12, 2010 • By

This is our weekly review from our web design Q&A web site Design Reviver Answers. It gives us a chance to highlight our favorite questions and share with our readers some of the insightful answers.

It has been another good week with yet more members, more questions and, most importantly, plenty of answers.

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How Do I Add My Feedburner Text Count On My Sidebar?

This question was asked by Autobots:

Answer from Rollback999?:

“You can do this by inserting the following code within the side bar div or sidebar menu. Edit the code to match up with your feedburner account.

Found on:”

What Is The Correct Way To Set Opacity Using CSS3?

This question was asked by Themans:

Answer from Joel Reyes?:

“CSS3 allows you to set opacity for text, images, or sections. Here’s the magical code that allows us to do so. This code is compatible with Firefox, Safari, and Opera 9.

filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(opacity=50); /* IE 5.5+*/
-moz-opacity: 0.5; /* Mozilla 1.6 ? ???? */
-khtml-opacity: 0.5; /* Konqueror 3.1, Safari 1.1 */
opacity: 0.5; /* CSS3 – Mozilla 1.7 +, Firefox 0.9 +, Safari 1.2+, Opera 9 */”

How Do I Limit All Of My Post Titles In WordPress?

Answer from Autobots:

“Limiting the titles of your posts is beneficial if you want to keep anticipation for the user, or to save some space. This is a php function, place this within your single.php file:

Function limit_title($title, $n){
if (strlen($title)>$n) {
echo substr(the_title($before = ”, $after = ”, FALSE), 0, $n) . ‘…’;
else { the_title(); }

How Do I Create Cross-browser Rotation Transformation With CSS?

This question was asked by Autobots:

“Here’s the code for CSS transform rotation effect. It works with all of the common browsers.

#one {


Do Web Designers Think Themselves Artists?

This question was asked by Shu:

Michael Cassius :

“It’s all depends if you’re a pixel pusher lead by clients or a creative, who creates… Like the difference between a house painter and Michelangelo.”


“I’m somewhat new to web design, but I consider myself an artist – or at least my service as art… I guess that makes me an artist, huh? I do, because there is no one answer (like 2+2=4), but instead it allows me to be creative, like writing a poem or playing a instrument. Yes. It is art.”

Benjamin Alijagic:

“If they work enough years long and if they put enough soul in each part of their work, they should. Of course not client work but even client work can get into art sometimes.

In theory, design (including a web design) is only a decoration of final product (in web sites, final product is content on site) and design cannot be called Art or web designers Artists.”


“Now I wonder how would an artist director who is fully involved in a web design project can be considered as web designer?

I think if you call yourself as a web designer, you know the rule of usability and sort of it in web design field, but at least you must have a little of aesthetic sense in you, to put together the beauty and function or usability elements into a website.

I’d say that the ‘artist’ in you could be relative to some levels, it depends on your talents or your artistic skills gained in time.”

Unanswered Questions

Even with all the helpful answers we have recieved over the past week, we do still have some unanswered questions.

If you have any spare time, perhaps you could help us answer some of these questions and give a little back to the community:

  1. What Are Your Experiences With Expression Engine?
  2. Quick N Dirty Method To Call A Flickr Group’s Number Of Members?
  3. What’s A Good And Free Place To Post Jobs For Designers?

Thanks again, firstly to everyone who asked a question, but most importantly thanks to everyone that took the time to offer always helpful and useful answers.

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