Are you a Mac or a PC?

March 26, 2010 • By

Ah, the age old question – Are you a Mac or a PC? The question that has split computer user for over ten years and does not seem any closer to being resolved. On the one side you have the stylish and efficient Mac and on the other you have the popular work-horse that is the PC. Which do you prefer and why?

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Are you a PC or a Mac?

This question was originally asked on Answers by James Stuart Andrew Mackay, and has so far received 16 answers, you can see some of these answers below.

Answer from Joel Reyes:

Mac! Formerly a PC user, never going back 🙂

Answer from Benjamin Alijagic:

PC, but I’m a designer and I like pretty things 🙂 so once when I earn some money I’m getting a Mac.

Answer from Darren Nickerson:

Couple of PCs and an old Mac g4 down in my basement that I never use. Would love to get a new Mac. Someday….someday

Answer from Emiel:

Both, actually. Mac for work, design, development and all-things-social 🙂 But the PC still kicks Apple where it comes to games. Also I prefer to test different OS and browser configs ‘for real’ and not by using tools that simulate them.

Answer from Michelle Lucas:

MAC! I’m about to install Windows XP on it using Bootcamp, so then I won’t have to use PC’s anymore.

Answer from Michael Cassius:

Who uses PC’s? Aside from accountants and our parents…and more, why? … Aside from turning a PC into a cool hat or melting cheese with.

Answer from Ollie Hoad:

PC. But my PC (Samsung NC20 laptop) looks like a Mac. 🙂

Answer from Ravikumar V.:

PC now and forever !!!

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