6 high quality and free vectors related to nature

July 1, 2014 • By

Oscar Wilde said we look at nature too much, and live with it too little. In this day and age with more and more technological advancements and more and more people getting glued to their digital screens, Wilde’s statement is truer than ever. Deep philosophies aside, here I have prepared a list of 20 nature based vectors which you can use in your designs and help remind people to care about Mother Nature.

Lake landscape

This vector is basically a scenery, akin to what most of us have drawn in nursery school. It contains all the elements of a scenery: a clean lake, a fisherman in boat, high mountains, birds in the sky and large fields with trees. You can use it for vacation and travel work, amongst other designs.

2) Red sky and forest silhouette


Reminds one of a Stephen King book cover. This eerie graphic consists of only two main colors – red and black. Since red is associated with blood and black with night this vector is ideal for horror based graphics. The smoke jetting out of the train and the crows sitting on the trees adds to the overall scary atmosphere.

3) Forest landscape


Having given you an eerie forest graphic I feel it is my duty to provide you with another forest graphic with just the opposite effect. So here you are, this graphic above of the sun rising in a large landscape of forest is ideal for any work where you wish to display optimism.

4) Farewell nature


This image exactly portrays what I wrote in the introduction above. More and more development and the construction of high rise buildings implies more and more trees should be cut off to make way for them. This graphic above nicely portrays the scenario. The tree has packed its bags and is going away because of the surrounding buildings.

5) Nature infographic


Infographics are basically informational graphics, they are large pieces of charts containing different images, icons and text material to present information in an enjoyable and interesting way. The above vector is an infographic which is nature based. You can download it and then insert your own text in it and publish it wherever you want.

6) Birds on branches


Here are some bird graphics with great body details.

I hope this collection of vector graphics will help you in your designing endeavors. Let me know in the comments below if you would recommend some other free ones.