25 Great Free Photoshop Texture Packs

October 28, 2009 • By

Photoshop textures are very widely used in modern web design, and hopefully you don’t have to create all your textures by yourself since a great choice is available freely on the web. In the following collection we have selected some of the best free Photoshop texture packs just for you.

1. Old film

old film

2. Tree Bark

tree bark

3. Cracks and dirt

cracks and dirt

Paper textures


4. Rocks

rocks texture

5. Wood textures

wood textures

6. Old Books

old books

7. Clouds


8. Wood textures

wood textures

9. Fire, Flame & Firework

high-res fire

10. Fabric Textures

fabric texture

11. Hardcore Vintage Grunge

vintage grunge

12. Grunge & Paper textures

grunge paper

13. Grab bag

grab bag

14. Anatomy of a dumpster


15. Color Grunge Textures

color grunge textures

16. Smoke

smoke texture

17. Grunge walls

grunge texture wall

18. Plant textures

plant texture

19. Bricks


20. Color Grunge textures

color grunge textures

21. Leaves

leaf ps texture

22. Paint textures

paint texture

23. Bokeh textures

bokeh textures

24. Grungy paper textures

grungy paper textures

25. Vintage grunge

vintage grunge