20 Free Super Fresh Design items to Download

July 30, 2015 • By

You naturally want to take the time to make your website creations as professional looking, and as attractive as possible. It would be preferable of course if the time you take in searching for free high-quality photos, vectors, icons, and the like, would not have a negative impact on your productivity. Being able to quickly locate top-quality, free, or low cost design elements will not only improve your productivity, but it can have a positive impact on your bottom line as well. Download the resources shown here; There will certainly help you craft some nice projects.

Good Free Photos can be hard to find

Locating sources of free, high-quality photos to use on your website is not terribly difficult, but finding exactly what you are looking for often requires a great deal of search time. Part of the problem is that some resources do a poor job of organizing their photos, and another part of the problem is that good quality and poor quality photos are often lumped together.

Sources that limit their offerings to the best quality are most often those who demand payment for use of a photo, although they often have a selection of low-priced or otherwise affordable images. Having access to a freebie is always nice, but a photo that can be yours for a dollar or so can also be a bargain. Look for quality first, and for freebies second. You will find both right here.

Laptop on Wood Table



City View



Origami Flower, a Cup of Coffee, and a Notebook on Bed



Freeway Lights by Night




Vectors: Simple Things can Say a Lot

Vectors can be excellent substitutes for photos, but they have a wide range of other uses as well. They can add color and touches of whimsy or humor to a web page, and a well-chosen vector can convey a great deal of useful information.

While you may not need a huge selection of these design aids in your toolbox, useful ones are quite plentiful, and having a wide range to choose from can definitely serve as a productivity booster. As the selections here suggest; a well-chosen vector can add a great deal to your overall design.

Cloud Storage


Data Analysis 2



Internet Computer Icons



The Impact Fonts can Have Should not be Overlooked

Font style is important, and readability is one of the more important features you will find in a professionally developed website. Font size is a factor too, but a font style that is difficult to read, is hard on the eyes, or is not in keeping with the theme of the website it is used in can quickly turn viewers off. Try changing the font used in a product page to script, and watch how quickly sales can fall.

What this tells you is that a font is a design element that can significantly influence a website’s overall appearance. It is not just one that is picked because someone happens to like it, or goes with a default font. Like any design element, the font you select can send a message.

Birds of Paradise


Code 2-2


Adobe 2





Icons—More than just Little Workhorses

It is true that Icons are primarily used as workhorses. They are most commonly used to assist in navigating around a website, or to point people to sources of information. They can be used to replace text in menus, access settings and sound level adjustments, or as is often the case, serve as a search indicator. As an example, one of the icons shown below can serve as an effective command for downloading data from the cloud.

Icons can personalize a website and become part of the brand. As you browse the icons shown here, give some thought as to how they can affect the look and feel of a website in addition to the functions they are most often associated with.

Science and Technology Icons


Lulu Icons Set 1


Textures – Subtle, Dramatic, or Used for Appearance Only

Textures are easy to work with, and they have practically unlimited uses. They can be used to create a background that is barely noticeable, but nevertheless has a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a web page, or they can be used in a header or a sidebar to create a dramatic effect. Textures that bear a relationship to the theme or purpose of a website will often add to the website’s brand.

If you have not worked with textures, give them a try. If you make use of them frequently, add a few more to your toolbox. You can never have too many.

Blue Stone Texture 7



Bleached Paper Texture 3



Patterns can be Game Changers

It will usually take a bit of practice, but the careful use of patterns can turn a so-so website page or presentation into one that is eye-catching, and even stunning. Patterns are somewhat like photos, in that it sometimes takes a great deal of searching to find one that will work well for you.

You may find it well worth the effort to begin incorporating patterns into your designs if you are not already doing so. Your clients are apt to appreciate what these design elements can do to upgrade the looks of the products you design for them. Those illustrated below are just a small sampling of the array of free patterns we have that you can download and use.

Strip 1 Patterns


60 Lines for Illustrator



Brushes – Detail Adding Time Savers

Just as is the case with textures and patterns, the use and potential impact of brushes can easily be overlooked. Of all of the design elements discussed here, brushes can prove to be the greatest time savers. Attempt to create an iris line by line and you will quickly find that to be true.

Brushes can be loud and brash, and such types have their uses, but most tend to be more subdued and elegant, and you will be amazed at the impact low-key, subtle brush patterns can have on your web page presentations. Visualize what you might be able to do with the samples shown here, and browse through our offerings of other free brushes.



Cherry Flower Corners


Perhaps you have for the most part been fortunate in your search for free design elements, and consider the time taken to find what you want to be time well spent. Spending too much time sifting through a large number of elements of variable quality can be time wasted. Looking for a good resource of free elements need not be costly in terms of productivity.