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Automate Common Tasks and Save Time with OSX Automator

November 4, 2010 • By

As avid computer users we all know how many tedious tasks we have to deal with on a daily basis. However, we tend to ignore an important fact: we’re using a computer. We shouldn’t do any of these tasks by hand. Everything that sounds repeatative should be accomplished by a computer, not by hand. Let’s see how we can achieve this on a Mac Utilizing Automator.READ MORE

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Using Photoshop CS3 3D Tools

October 18, 2010 • By

In this tutorial, we’ll be using Photoshop CS3’s 3D rendering features to recreate something close to Neytiri, the lead female character of the Na’vi race. In the James Cameron movie – Avatar. Just to point out, Photoshop CS4 offers more a robust 3D features; one of which is to paint directly on 3D models or objects. CS3 ‘somewhat’ doesn’t have these capabilities among other things. However, we’ll get around this in our tutorial using a technique that hinges on the manipulation of texture maps of the 3D model.



Create a Shattering Angel effect in Photoshop

October 13, 2010 • By

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a highly dramatic scene with a disintegrating statue of an Angel. The end result would be an intense composition of the Angel seemingly coming to life as Gradients, blends, and a set of unique brushes are used to enhance the image of the Angel statue.



Five Fresh Photoshop Text Effects

September 21, 2010 • By

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned Photoshop pro or a novice, there are two things both levels have in common – a passion for learning new techniques and a huge desire to improve their skills. And as far as Photoshop tutorials go, text effects are one of the most popular techniques designers choose to follow, and in this round-up we have chosen five in which we are sure you will love.



HTML5 and CSS3 Web Page Tutorials

September 9, 2010 • By

The arrival of HTML5 and CSS3 has given web designers a major sense of excitement by offering a broader range of options, creative opportunities and shortcuts for designing a web page. We could talk about all of these new features endlessly, instead, to keep things simple, we have highlighted four web tutorials that make use of HTML5 and CSS3 perfectly and that demonstrate effectively the potential power of these fantastic technologies.



How to Create a Wall Graffiti of Bob Marley

September 8, 2010 • By

We’re are going to immortalize the iconic Bob Marley on a brick wall – graffiti style. Graffiti has come a long way to the point that its argued by some to be respectable works of art for it was and still is considered as rude and destructive in the public sphere. On count, it is highly expressive and does lend to images/text powerful forms representation.Same goes for this tutorial where we’ll be applying Layer masks and Blend modes to merge a grunge-like image of Bob Marley with a brick wall.


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Creating a Grunge Autumn Themed Calendar for September

September 3, 2010 • By

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating an Autumn themed Calendar for this month of September. The style here is dark and grungy and the final result is appropriately titled the ‘The Fall.’ This being the season of falling leaves from trees. The techniques used to attain the final image are the application of Blend modes, the use of grunge brushes



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