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20+ Amazing Web Layout Design Photoshop Tutorials

June 17, 2013 • By


Today most web designers will create the visual design of a website in Photoshop first and then once the design has been nailed down they will start to create the code from there. In this article we have collected 20+ amazing tutorials for creating web layouts in Photoshop. If you have used any other tutorials in the past feel free to share them with us!



The Top 10 Secrets to Designing a Magazine

June 21, 2011 • By

Each avenue in the design world has its own unique challenges and tricks, and magazine design is no different. From style guides and gutters to editors and entry points, designing for a magazine comprises its own set of rules and considerations. Before jumping head first into the text-heavy, deadline-driven world of magazines, take a moment to get your bearings and familiarize yourself with the terrain. Using the road map below, your creativity, and a bit of luck you’ll have everything you need to produce a top-notch, reader-friendly magazine.


Surprise someone with a Photoshop Fine Art Portrait

June 20, 2011 • By

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at how to transform a photo of a person into a work of art – in this case, a highly illustrated sketch art piece.

Vector shapes and textures will also be added to our composition as this will give our sketch artwork more depth and character. Below are examples of what you could achieve even with the simplest of art forms (pop art etc) to create interesting and beautiful effects from a picture. The final images could used as e-cards, profile pictures/avatars, wallpapers and so on.


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7 Free Metal Textures

January 21, 2011 • By

Textures can form a principal element in your designs. They add details to images, giving a great deal of depth to a composition. Textures could come in the forms of high resolution images such as detailed surfaces of rocks, fabric, wood etc or can just be regular pictures. We have produced 7 exclusive free metal textures for you to download along with a step by step tutorial showing how they were made.


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