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Weekly News Roundup – 15 March 2013

March 15, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at CSS3 and HTML5 tutorials, what journalists need to know about web design, jQuery mobile for beginners, as well as great examples of typeface combinations in web design.


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Things to remember when designing websites for gaming consoles

March 13, 2013 • By

Surfing the net from a dedicated gaming console is not something new, in fact the ability to connect your gaming device to the internet was first introduced back in 1997 with the which allowed user to connect a dial-up modem and then check their email and browse the internet. However still to this day many designers ignore or pay very little attention to game console browsers when designing a new site. However there are some things that you need to remember when you are designing for a gaming console, added here are some of the most important things to remember, feel free to let us know if you think we forgot something.


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Guide for getting paid on time as a freelancer.

March 6, 2013 • By

Even though many people dream of going freelance they often forget that it is a very challenging career choice, unlike a regular 9-5 job you are not certain that you will add money to your account at the end of the month. The biggest problem for any freelancer is not getting paid on time, or heaven forbid not getting paid at all. In this post we have added some suggestions and guidelines for making sure you will always get paid for the work you complete.


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5 ways to keep your web design simple

February 25, 2013 • By

It used to be that the more information you could cram onto your main site the better, however today all of that has changed, today websites need to be as simple and sleep looking as possible. However often designers are wondering just how to simplify their design, therefore here is a post with five ways to keep your web design simple.


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10 Web Design Cheat Sheets You Can’t Live Without

February 18, 2013 • By

Every web designer knows that today it is almost impossible to create a website with just one program. Sometimes it can get a little confusing to remember which code goes with which language, furthermore sometimes you forget the shortcuts that make your life much easier. This is where cheat sheets come into handy. A cheat sheet is simply a printable reference or guide to a particular software package, language, framework, etc.

Here are 10 of my favorite cheat sheets.



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