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CSS Techniques I Dreamed About When I Started….

July 14, 2010 • By

When I was first introduced to CSS, my mind exploded with possibilities that CSS created, which lead to thoughts of what it could provide me as a web designer. CSS provided the bridge between web designers and web developers. We have all seen situations where a developer created almost the perfect website, yet it didn’t have the appeal that a good front end designer could present. Now with CSS, you could have both in a seamless creation of perfection.READ MORE


Four Web Design Articles Well Worth Reading

June 28, 2010 • By

As web designers we all love searching for great new resources, browsing some useful and relevant tutorials and we especially love them as most are free. Sometimes though, we need something more, something that will set your mind alight and for you to consider it a darn good read. And that is what we have found for you today, four web design articles that are well worth your time. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and take the time to enjoy them.



Culture Difference in Web Design

June 25, 2010 • By

At times, a commonly overlooked aspect of web design is catering for potential multi-cultural users and thus missing out on a potential readership or potential customers.

Yep, the internet really is global. This was a topic that was recently discussed on Answers, and we would like to open this discussion further with our readers. What do you think, is there a such thing as culture difference within web design?



Fresh jQuery Resources

June 22, 2010 • By

In today’s news round-up we have collected some of the best and freshest jQuery resources. You’ll find some useful and powerful plugins, as well as an update of the jQuery Visual cheat sheet from woorkup and there is also a very detailed and comprehensive online jQuery training manual, that is called jQuery Fundamentals.



Three Fresh Web Apps for Designers

June 16, 2010 • By

Every once in a while we like to highlight and showcase some new web applications (preferably free) that are aimed primarily towards designers. So, in this news round-up we have found three really useful fresh apps that we are sure you will love as much as we do.


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