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10 Free Tools For Data Visualization

December 18, 2018 • By

While it’s true that content substantially enhances the impact you make on your website’s visitors, it turns out that a significant chunk of it is forgotten in just a few days.  How much people remember and forget depends on the mode you choose to distribute the content. According to a scientific study, human beings are… READ MORE

Articles, Updates

Writing Better Web Code

December 3, 2018 • By

There’s nothing quite like perfectly crafted code. People used to take pride in their work, but more and more frequently there’s a trend toward using cookie cutter solutions. While that can be helpful, it should not be the cornerstone upon which all sites are built. If we do just keep relying on quick fix solutions… READ MORE

Articles, Updates

Designing Backgrounds

June 4, 2018 • By

Once the most important part of any website design, the background of a site can be used in many ways to help create a better user experience. Today, creating backgrounds properly is more difficult than it once was, and presents some new challenges, while restricting some of the potential that backgrounds otherwise would have. For… READ MORE


How to Extend the Reach of Your Business Website

April 3, 2018 • By

Communications are one of the most important factors in any business, and naturally the most important communication is marketing communication. It’s also a fact that the most important marketing media your business uses is your own website. In this article we’ll look at the things you can do to make sure your communications through your… READ MORE


Applied Geometry in Design

March 12, 2018 • By

Geometry is a unique and special science. Sacred in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Masonry, geometry is believed to hold special powers which exert strong influence. Even religions that don’t hold geometry as sacred, such as Christianity and Islam, still make extensive use of geometry in the design of their temples, art works, and many other… READ MORE


The Ever-Shifting Goalposts of SEO Rules

June 24, 2016 • By

  There is a massive Cold War being fought on the Internet at the moment between website owners and search engine service providers such as Google.  While not all website owners are actively participating in this war, there is an increasing multitude of companies trying to recruit them over to the dark side. This war… READ MORE


Designing Websites for Known Content

June 20, 2016 • By

True web designers are a rarity these days.  The usual—and very lazy—solution employed by most people offering design services is simply to take a template created by somebody else, modify it slightly, and then squish and bend their client’s content until it fits into the template design. This is not a good practice to be… READ MORE


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