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A Decade Of Web Design In Pictures – 1997 to 2009

March 4, 2009 • By

By reviewing what’s changed and what’s stood the test of time, we can make general assumptions of web design principles that will work going forward. Things have moved on in terms of interface design and graphics, some websites more than others. Looking at the examples below sites such as Amazon, eBay and Craigslist have changed comparatively little (Craigslist has hardly changed at all), a testimony to their forward thinking at the time, whilst others such as the Whitehouse have come a long way.



16 Inspiring Typography Based Blog Designs

February 26, 2009 • By

Typography is perhaps the most important element of any site, certainly for a blog or magazine styled site. Good typography should not dominate a page, it should highlight certain areas as well as allowing readers to subconsciously scan the rest of the page and take in the information with ease.


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jQuery Color Picker

January 27, 2009 • By

Gone are the days of having to manually enter in hex codes to specify colors: with jQuery UI’s color picker, you can make your web application pick colors as smoothly as you would in desktop applications like Photoshop. When coupled with the visual appeal and functional benefit of color pickers, the ease of using jQuery UI’s gadget is something that’s hard to pass up.

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Premium WordPress Theme Design – Part 2 – HTML + CSS + WordPress Theme Files

December 5, 2008 • By

Hi, I’m Alvaro Guzman and this is the second part of the premium wordpress theme tutorial continued from Part 1. This time you’ll learn how to slice the design and convert it into XHTML + CSS, then I’ll show you how to use the css files to mock-up a WordPress template. This isn’t a basic tutorial, if you’re a newbie, maybe you should read some basic HTML+CSS tutorials, and undestand the basics of CSS tags and WordPress features and structure.

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How I Learned To Build WordPress Themes

November 10, 2008 • By

Picture your finished custom wordpress theme live on your server, completely unique and fresh. By the time you have finished reading the resources in this post that scenario will be a reality. People love custom themes, they make a blog come to life with a personality of its own. It’s no secret that they’ll reward it you for it through links, subscriptions and bookmarks.READ MORE

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How To Make a jQuery Calendar

November 3, 2008 • By

Whether you’re an airline, task manager, or just have a birthdate field on your registration form, a popup date picker makes selecting dates considerably easier for users, and overall enhances the functionality and feel of the site. jQuery UI provides a datepicker widget that can easily be incorporated into your site.READ MORE

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Premium WordPress Theme Design Part 1 – The Photoshop Mock Up

October 28, 2008 • By

Making a premium WordPress theme from scratch is an essential skill for designers to learn and will become increasingly important as WordPress continues to become the web publishing tool of choice. In this two part tutorial will we cover how to make premium WordPress themes happen. Part 1, covered below, shows how the photoshop mock up is created, and in Part 2 we’ll outline how to turn the psd into HTML/CSS and wordpress theme files. READ MORE


jQuery & CSS Tooltip Example

October 21, 2008 • By

Websites and web applications alike are slowly but surely transitioning towards an environment filled with rich user interface gadgets. Tooltips are amongst this vast array of gadgets that should be in every web application developer’s toolbox, as they provide useful hints and help messages directly to the user in a discrete yet obvious manner.READ MORE


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