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Fresh Web Designer Tools and Resources

September 7, 2010 • By

For today’s design news we have highlighted some fresh tools and resources for all you web and app designers out there. There are a couple of tools to help with any CSS3 and HTML5 development issues you may have, there is a marvelous new technique for styling buttons, and finally, and perhaps the coolest of all,some time saving iPad actions for Photoshop.



Touchscreens and Hover states

September 3, 2010 • By

With the huge popularity of mobile touch devices and the current major drive to make everything web related compatible with these devices, today’s Design Reviver Answers discussion is certainly relevant with current development trends. The question that was asked was “Will Touchscreen devices make hover states a thing of the past?”



Amazing Pure CSS3 Experiments

September 2, 2010 • By

The new and revitalized CSS3 properties have not only opened up many, many marvelous development solutions for web designers, it has also allowed talented developers to push the boat out further and showcase there CSS skills by building and styling in ways that were never ever thought possible previously.


A Selection of Mobile UI Wireframe Sketches

August 31, 2010 • By

Reading about the UI design process of any web site, web application or even a mobile app can be very informative and inspirational for any designer. But nothing would beat experiencing the initial design process, as the original designer did, and getting the chance to view the fruition of a UI concept. The only way you could experience this is by having a look at the designers initial wireframe sketches, and that is exactly what we have for you today in this news round-up – A Selection of Mobile UI Wireframe Sketches.



Three Kick-Ass Web Developer Tutorials

August 26, 2010 • By

Sometimes to get your development juices flowing you just need a meaty project or an in-depth tutorial that you can sink your teeth into and lose yourself for a few hours in coding bliss. And that’s what we have for you today, three tutorials that will satisfy your code craving! They are not only roll-up-your-sleeves and put-on-a-pot-of-coffee good but they will also introduce you to some of the latest CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery techniques.



Best Standards and Guidelines for Graphic Designers

August 20, 2010 • By

The basis for this weeks Answers reader discussion is essentially a chance to share what you feel are the best graphic design standards for an inhouse design agency.

What do you think? Is there set standards and guidelines for graphic designers in inhouse agencies? You can leave your comment below, or you can leave your answer on the original question on here: What are the best standards and guidelines for graphic designers who work for inhouse design agencies?



Two High Quality and Massive Icon Sets

August 19, 2010 • By

There are not many iconsets that can match the quality nor the quantity of icons that we feature in todays design news roundup. The first set, released this week by WPZOOM, has over 500 icons for every social network service you could possibly think of. And the second set, also released this week, has over 170 crafted icons perfect for web design brought to you by WooTheme.



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