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5 Stunning Infographics from January and February 2016

February 16, 2016 • By

Everyone will tell you that numbers can be really boring really fast unless you are an accounting who loves to crunch numbers, a great way of displaying this information is through information graphics or infographics. They can make very boring data much more interesting.

Even though 2016 is only a few months old, we have already seen some absolutely stunning Infographics, the subjects of these range from Matcha Tea to Grammy records and marketing trends for 2016, but they all have one thing in common, they were designed by someone who knew exactly what they were doing. READ MORE


How to Tell if Your Website Needs an Update

February 10, 2016 • By

If you intend to do any kind of business online, it’s important to have a good website; but just how important can be difficult to say! For example, Lightspeed GMI’s recent survey found that approximately 93 percent of consumers now utilize the internet to do research before making a purchasing decision. In some cases, that research can amount to who has the most professional and informative website.

But it can be difficult to tell if your website might need a solid makeover; technology and web design trends change so fast that it can be difficult to catch up. To help you determine when you should make the investment, here are some great tips and tricks.READ MORE


How to Make Money From Mobile Apps

January 25, 2016 • By

For many people, money is not exactly free flowing. That’s why, if you are going to spend time developing a mobile app, you often can’t afford to not make any money from it. Yes, you may find it fun to do, but you still have to live, right?

If your monthly budget isn’t huge then you probably know all the tricks about how to spend it wisely. You have probably already discovered the delights of searching sites like for all the latest coupons and deals to use. This is a great way of making your money go further. Now imagine you could make more money from developing  mobile apps and you can see that life could be a lot sweeter.READ MORE

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5 Tools all Web Designers Need to Know About in 2016

January 20, 2016 • By

2016 is just getting started and it is time to boost up your coding and web development, let’s be honest while 2o15 was an amazing year, with the right tools 2016 could be an even better year than any before. In this article I would like to look at some of the must have tools that you need to improve your web design in the new year.



Must have online color tools for web developers

January 15, 2016 • By

As a web designer I spend a lot of time finding the right colors for my project, it is no secret that a good color selection can help boost a website. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different colors to choose from when designing a website. In this article I will look at some of the top color tools to make your life a little easier, if you think I have forgotten any then feel free to let me know in the comments below.READ MORE


19 Premium Items from Best-Selling Authors for Free

December 31, 2015 • By

The year is coming to an end, and the guys at Dealjumbo have one last gift up their sleeves, with the Christmas & New Year 2016 Mega Bundle which contains 9 font bundles and 10 great graphics bundles from 19 talented designers. The best thing about this bundle is that it is totally free, yup you read that right, this bundle doesn’t cost you a single dime. Read on to see some of the goodies included in this bundle.READ MORE


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