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CSS Techniques I Dreamed About When I Started….

July 14, 2010 • By

When I was first introduced to CSS, my mind exploded with possibilities that CSS created, which lead to thoughts of what it could provide me as a web designer. CSS provided the bridge between web designers and web developers. We have all seen situations where a developer created almost the perfect website, yet it didn’t have the appeal that a good front end designer could present. Now with CSS, you could have both in a seamless creation of perfection.READ MORE


7 Warning Signs of a Nightmare Client

July 13, 2010 • By

In the modern world of design and development, dealings with your clients are somewhat akin to romantic relationships. For one, both sides expect a certain level of standard and class from each other. Both are prepared to give, and both want to achieve something in that relationship. Second, just like when you’re on a date, your relationships with clients are governed by a set of largely unspoken rules, the strict adherence to which will define what the outcome of the date will be, and how long the relationship is going to last. And finally, for the union to be pleasant and lasting, the relationship needs to be more or less equal in terms of bargaining power.READ MORE

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Data Tables In Modern Web Design

June 23, 2010 • By

Creating organized data tables in modern web design requires that an individual have more than a rudimentary knowledge of the old table formats. In order to create an effective table, it is important that the information be compelling, interesting, and data driven without being overwhelming or burdensome to the reader. There are many different schools of thought on what makes a table effective, but the most important aspect of table creation for a designer is to know the audience and market that will be reading the table.READ MORE

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The Future Of CSS Typography

June 2, 2010 • By

The challenge for any web designer is to create style sheets that are unique, distinctive and can be replicated in a way that will create brand recognition. To that end, the future of CSS typography is an ever evolving and changing field that is constantly being updated, altered, and manipulated to both meets the growing demands of clients and the challenging demands of the market.READ MORE


8 Websites To Gain The Understanding Of Flash/Actionscript

May 5, 2010 • By

Having a strong understanding of how Flash and ActionScript work is the best way to make outstanding web pages that will draw a lot of attention. Once the basics of each of these applications have been mastered, then the web designer is able to move onto some of the more expert ways to use Flash and ActionScript. Below, we are going to give you a list of 8 Websites To Help Gain The Understanding Of Flash/Actionscript.


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A Tutorial Of PHP Frameworks

April 26, 2010 • By

First of all, we believe you should know what a PHP framework is before we move forward to a full tutorial of PHP frameworks. PHP is the most common scripting language in the world and there are many reasons for this. It is flexible and easy to use. There are times when coding in PHP or any other language can get a bit repetitive and droning. This is where a PHP framework comes in and this starts out a tutorial of PHP frameworks.READ MORE


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