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How and Why Would Anyone Validate Their Code

August 25, 2010 • By

Validating HTML or CSS code is a controversial topic. Many are strict on assuring their code is validated while others do not care at all. There are plethoras of reasons why you should validate your code, or at least as much as possible instead of ignoring the errors. We discuss several benefits to validating your HTML and or CSS.READ MORE

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The Advantages of Using CSS Sprites Along With a Few Tips

August 20, 2010 • By

There are many techniques in CSS to achieve certain results in different ways, CSS sprites being one of them. CSS sprites is a technique used where you can have a large single image containing a set of images that can be broken down using CSS to separate the image into multiple.

To better understand this concept, let us look at the following example image:READ MORE


Smart Tips to Help You Create User Friendly Content

August 18, 2010 • By

A major problem with many new websites today is that their content is geared toward a different topic from what their site initially started up as. For example, let us say a website starts up geared toward gadgets and technology reviews. For the first few months, you are getting exactly what you came for, technology and gadget reviews.READ MORE


The Things Clients Expect Designers to Have Learned

August 6, 2010 • By

As the web standards continue to increase, new technologies and techniques arise, which increases clientele expectations for what a designer can bring forth. Whether be it fancy gradient effects, attention to detail, or mesmerizing illustrations, there is always that expectation a client wants for what they envision for their design. Furthermore, we discuss eight things a client expects from today’s designers to have learned.READ MORE


8 Ways to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

August 4, 2010 • By

Now that mobile browsing is ever increasing in popularity, it is in your best interest to start optimizing your websites to better fit the mobile platform and its limitations. There are many easy ways to enhance you website for mobile browsing without hindering much of your website; we discuss eight popular ones that can make a huge impact on usability.READ MORE


10 Incredible Websites of Big Content Providers

August 2, 2010 • By

There are many websites of the same genres, but we all choose one out of them all. Whether be it the design, the layout, or the service that hooked us onto it, we all know they all offer similar content. So if you are designing and developing a site in the same genre as many others, how should you design it and what key elements should you include?READ MORE


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