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How To Make an Impact with Eye Catching Business Card Design

January 5, 2012 • By

As potential customers, people come to an exhibition or to your office to find the next diamond in the rough, the designer that will understand their business needs and someone with a creative streak.
In one short meeting, or even if they simply visit your stand and you are too busy to talk, how do you make sure that the opportunity to convert them from potential customer to actual client isn’t wasted?READ MORE


The secret of obtaining higher website design rates

June 13, 2011 • By

Are you a web designer or developer who wonders if you are getting paid what you feel your skills are worth? Although earnings will always vary depending on geographical location, basing your skills set and experience on a solid foundation of raw talent is still what really counts in this industry.

With the employment of graphic and web designers set to expand by between 7% and 13% by 2018 this infographic will give you a better idea about the areas in which you should be honing your skills in order to improve your salary.



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