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Free TxEff Components

March 18, 2008 • By

TxEff is a Flash component that allows you to create stunning text effects with just a few clicks, and with no scripting skills needed. The component is easy to use and produces movie trailer quality effects.READ MORE


Free Wood Textures

March 16, 2008 • By

There have been several sites lately that incorporate wood in the design in some way or another. It gives a site a warm and natural feel, and can help make the design look great when done tastefully. If you have yet to do a design with wood, here are a few textures that might help you get in on the action.READ MORE


Promote Yourself Through CSS Galleries

March 12, 2008 • By

So you’ve spent the last few years developing your skills as a web designer, and now you want to offer your services to other people. Obviously, you need to create a portfolio site, but how do you get your new site in front of thousands of people? The best and easiest way is to get featured on CSS galleries. They are quickly becoming one of the first places professionals look when trying to find talented web designers.READ MORE


Getting Started with 3D in Flash

March 4, 2008 • By

As you probably know, Flash is a 2D program. However, there are a handful of open source 3D engines written in actionscript that allow real time 3D environments to be rendered within the flash player. Among these, is Papervision3D, which is probably the most powerful and widely adopted of the engines available.READ MORE


Free Hand Drawn Fonts

February 29, 2008 • By

Site designs with hand drawn elements seem to be a hot trend right now. If you are thinking about going this route with your next design, here is a set of excellent hand drawn fonts that you might find useful.READ MORE


18 Typography Focused Designs

February 24, 2008 • By

A website doesn’t always need a lot of design elements to be considered good. Sometimes great typography alone can get the job done. This article is a showcase of designs that fall into that category. With these sites you won’t see a lot of textures, color, or imagery, but instead a focus on type and layout. READ MORE


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