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Surprise someone with a Photoshop Fine Art Portrait

June 20, 2011 • By

In this tutorial, we’ll be looking at how to transform a photo of a person into a work of art – in this case, a highly illustrated sketch art piece.

Vector shapes and textures will also be added to our composition as this will give our sketch artwork more depth and character. Below are examples of what you could achieve even with the simplest of art forms (pop art etc) to create interesting and beautiful effects from a picture. The final images could used as e-cards, profile pictures/avatars, wallpapers and so on.


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Using Photoshop CS3 3D Tools

October 18, 2010 • By

In this tutorial, we’ll be using Photoshop CS3’s 3D rendering features to recreate something close to Neytiri, the lead female character of the Na’vi race. In the James Cameron movie – Avatar. Just to point out, Photoshop CS4 offers more a robust 3D features; one of which is to paint directly on 3D models or objects. CS3 ‘somewhat’ doesn’t have these capabilities among other things. However, we’ll get around this in our tutorial using a technique that hinges on the manipulation of texture maps of the 3D model.



Create a Shattering Angel effect in Photoshop

October 13, 2010 • By

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a highly dramatic scene with a disintegrating statue of an Angel. The end result would be an intense composition of the Angel seemingly coming to life as Gradients, blends, and a set of unique brushes are used to enhance the image of the Angel statue.



How to Create a Wall Graffiti of Bob Marley

September 8, 2010 • By

We’re are going to immortalize the iconic Bob Marley on a brick wall – graffiti style. Graffiti has come a long way to the point that its argued by some to be respectable works of art for it was and still is considered as rude and destructive in the public sphere. On count, it is highly expressive and does lend to images/text powerful forms representation.Same goes for this tutorial where we’ll be applying Layer masks and Blend modes to merge a grunge-like image of Bob Marley with a brick wall.


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Creating a Grunge Autumn Themed Calendar for September

September 3, 2010 • By

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating an Autumn themed Calendar for this month of September. The style here is dark and grungy and the final result is appropriately titled the ‘The Fall.’ This being the season of falling leaves from trees. The techniques used to attain the final image are the application of Blend modes, the use of grunge brushes



How to Create Pepsi Can in Photoshop

September 1, 2010 • By

In our tutorial, we’ll be creating a shiny Pepsi can. For it to be convincingly realistic, a number of Layer Styles such as Gradients, Inner Shadows and Glows would be applied to a flat can shaped image.The resulting effect would be a 3D-like Pepsi can.



How To Create A Google Android 3D Logo in Photoshop

August 16, 2010 • By

This tutorial was inspired by a 3D rendered version of the Google Android logo that I came across. So, I decided to try out achieving relativity the same result with Photoshop – CS 2 to be precised. And the final image was outstanding to say the least. The interplay of light and shadows are key for a near-realistic result for a traditionally 2D program as Photoshop.



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