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How to easily find a font used anywhere

January 16, 2014 • By

Whenever you want to send a message to your audience, you need to maximize its visual impact. Bloggers and graphic designers are particularly accustomed to using attractive imagery to ensnare visitors’ attention, and so raise interest about an idea or a certain product that they’re trying to push forward.



How to screen print from your home [infographic]

January 14, 2014 • By


Are you an artsy-craftsy kinda person on a budget that’s always dressed to impress? Well you’re in luck! This cool how to infographic has just what you need from creating unique one-of-a-kind looks or creating merchandise for your brand using screen printing. Not only can screen printing be fun but it’s safe, affordable and can be done from home. All you need are a few basic items you can find around the house or at a local art supply store and you’re on your way!



Lunchbox slab serif = 1,500+ fascinating glyphs

January 9, 2014 • By

Don’t you just love going to a restaurant and seeing the day’s specials up on a chalkboard? Besides the inevitable drool dripping down your chin, it’s just pure fun looking at a hand-drawn menu with pure unique style infused within it. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could capture the pure quirky essence of that handwriting style? Well, now you can with the quirky Lunchbox Slab typeface from Kimmy Design.



Awesome Christmas and Winter Photoshop Tutorials

December 2, 2013 • By

In many places winter has arrived and it’ll be here for several months. As Christmas approaches and gifts are secretly being wrapped and hot cocoa is beginning to be the choice of drink, we’d like to gift you a bit of that winter wonder land in the form of quality free Photoshop Tutorials. This is one of the ways we’d like to bring a dose of winter to those places where the cold weather never reaches this time of year. Enjoy!



Responsive vs. Mobile website templates

November 24, 2013 • By

Many web designers are looking for the best ways to adapt to the changing demands of the online marketplace. Since there are an increasing number of mobile users who want to browse the internet with their phones, web designers will need to adapt to this change. This is becoming increasingly important, because many people will be using their smartphones in lieu of traditional desktops to access the internet.



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