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Growing up there are a few things that stick with you throughout your life. Most, if not all, are visual because while being unreliable in a deposition, images are still the way every individual perceives the world and his surroundings. There’s the tree you used to climb, the pet you used to cuddle with (except if it’s a cat – cats don’t cuddle) and perhaps the mental picture of your first teacher or your first soul mate. Yeah, they tend to come along in droves when you’re young, that’s one of the perks of not having to care much for social pressure.

Nevertheless, people tend to idealize the moments they remember – as an experiment close your eyes and think back to something nice in your life. How many vivid details can you still recall? A lot, I bet.


Similarly, if you want to give a product an edge you have to associate it with an image that the buyer would fancy. Even accounting software, the definition of boring, needs a nice website or package to be delivered in.  Often times you can hear about somebody choosing one product over the other, on similar specs, based solely on the presentation and this is because visual aid sells.


If you’re working on a project that you need to make as impressive as possible you need to have the best imagery available and the Internet has become the go-to place for purchasing it. That is, assuming you don’t have an in-house photographer that is willing to do the work for you and shoot what you need for upwards of almost nothing, what you would pay online. Stock image websites have seen a boom since the early 2000s when they were, just as the Internet, in their infancy. Going through the list of major players today is almost like walking down the red carpet, with established names backing one agency or the other through their portfolio with them.

Stockfresh is a somewhat new agency, it’s only 3 years old since it was founded by Peter Hamza and Andras Pfaff (who you might know from StockXpert) but it already drew a number of big names to its side, like Irene Kurhan, Cathy Yeulet or Ron Chapple, veterans who know how it’s done. Also because of their in depth knowledge of what consumers want and how to streamline the buying and uploading process, Peter and Andras have managed to pull off a neat website that only offers the best quality images and stock vectors. They even offer a guide on the size of the image or vector needed for a specific type of online pr print job, to make sure you get what you need.


The interesting part about Stockfresh is that, for the quality offered, its rates are affordable while the contributor commissions are among the highest in the industry so be it that you’re looking for the right image to better your project or to submit your own, this is the right place to go to. For instance you can get the highest quality images, if you’re an avid consumer, for as low as $0.20 via subscription. And that’s a bargain!

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