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This Week in Web Design: October 17

October 17, 2014 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at Flat icons, whether or not you should be using Bootstrap, as well as using HTML5 to create fullscreen video backgrounds and much more.

5 High-Quality Free HTML/CSS Templates

Each week, we will collect for you a collection of high-quality free HTML/CSS templates. They will follow the latest trends in web design and will be carefully selected from across the web. Each of these free HTML/CSS will be free for use without any restrictions.


7 Tips for Designers to Find Inspiration Without Internet

Designers around the world are working hard to come up with the most creative designs for the users to get the best experience and enjoy the visual treat. Do you think, they never get stuck? Ofcourse they do and when they get upset they look for someone to help they get back in form and resume. What can be the right way out.


27 Web Design Inspiration and Tools For Web Designers

If you’re a web designer then you must know how importance the designing tools as per your busy schedule almost half your entire job can be performed by online web designing tools. You might be knowing Firebug,Browsershots, these are browser extensions to develope a site’s forntend design but more efficient are those tools who are client side based like Invision, Webflow etc.


Must-Have Tools For Prototyping and Creating Mobile Apps

Are you currently on the lookout for the best available resources to help you craft websites, web apps, and mobile apps? If you’re like most web designers and web developers, then you must have a defined sense of what your favorite app builders, wireframing and prototyping tools are, so far. However, we both know that there’s always a chance you might stumble upon better alternatives to the tools you’ve been using. Check out my updated list of competent solutions for prototyping and app creation.


Why don’t you use Bootstrap?

Start-ups often use ready-made frameworks and tools in order to get an idea from concept to production in the quickest and most efficient way they can, such as Ruby on Rails, jQuery and Bootstrap. I’ll be explaining why I choose not to use Bootstrap when creating websites for our early/idea-stage businesses.


50 AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

So, you have high hopes from Google AdSense and you want to make the most of this cool Google tool. Well, what is it that you feel needs to be done apart from generating good and authentic content? If you are a WordPress user then we would say that AdSense optimized WordPress themes will make your work easier and give you great advantage over your competitors. These themes have been designed in such a way that they increase the click through rate (CTR) of your site and thus, you can make money through Google AdSense.


Why web designers should embrace reactive design

A brand’s website design speaks volumes. And yet many businesses are choosing to forego updating their websites, instead posting content directly to Facebook. This trend has affected the very purpose of a website and has had ramifications for how designers themselves are designing for the web. In an age where content reigns supreme, how should designers cater for content that will be somewhat (or even completely) unknown?


20 Best WordPress Social Network Plugins 2014

Social sharing options are must for any blog Blogger or WordPress. It help readers to share contact with their all social networking sites in return you will get few traffic from these shares. When you spend a lot of time writing a blog post , you want people to be able to share it. Here are Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress! to help your readers share your hard work.


20 Professional Corporate Muse Website Templates

In case you haven’t heard already, Muse is a great new website platform developed by Adobe. Muse is great for designers who don’t know how to code. Anybody can create a professional website without coding, in an easy drag and drop manner. In this article, we selected 20 professional corporate Muse website templates, created by some very talented designers.  These high quality Muse templates are great for inspiration or you can use them for your own website.


35+ Beautiful Flat Vector Icons Sets

Designers are always looking for some flat vector icons to grab the visitors. The icons may be small in size but you will find great detail and attraction in them. You can use these icons in web applications, and web designs. You can create custom icons by yourself but these vector icons are created by professionals as a promotion to their work. Therefore I would suggest that you use these flat vector logo in your designs.


Examples of Websites Created With the Royal Theme

My experience with the latest theme from 8theme, Royal, was more than satisfactory. I was quite impressed about this premium, multi-purpose theme, and wish to pass it on to the rest of you. Every designer would enjoy creating WordPress websites through with the help of this theme.


How to use HTML5 to create fullscreen video backgrounds

There are a few important considerations to make before beginning; first, if your video is not intended to be the main focus of your site, then it is best to go for something abstract without sound, however, if all you want to display is the video with just a smattering of text, feel free to place whatever you like in there. Second, if you are concerned with browser backwards compatibility then it may be worth taking a look at some methods to ensure that video will  fail gracefully for any version that’s earlier than Internet Explorer 8.


The 6 secrets of ‘wow’ websites

According to Internet Live Stats there are currently more than a billion websites in existence today, as identified by unique host names. In 2004, the year Facebook was launched, there were a ‘mere’ 50 million, meaning the number of sites has grown more than 20 times larger over the past decade. Only around a quarter of those billion-plus websites are currently thought to be actively maintained, but that’s still a staggering amount of addresses and content to wade through. It’s become increasingly difficult to stand out, but great web design and development can still give you the edge over your competitors. A site with that elusive wow factor can help to both capture and retain your visitors’ interest.


Cutting-Edge CSS Features You Can Use Today

The last wave of new CSS3 features introduced in-browser design features like border-radius, gradients, multiple backgrounds, and box-shadow. CSS continues to evolve and today’s native features are becoming closer to tools we’d normally use in our favorite graphics editor. In this article, we’ll cover three cutting-edge features you can add to your CSS toolkit today: blend modes, masks, and clipping paths.