This week in design news: Website Templates, Killer UI kits and much more

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The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at what makes a good website, killer website templates as well as Google fonts, HTML and CSS UI kits and much more.

Trends that will Dominate Website Designing in 2015

Web design, like the other fields of online marketing, has also experienced several transformations during 2014. Some of the older ideas worked, so did not. Some new ideas are expected to emerge with time. Several new web design trends are expected to emerge in 2015. So, the year is expected to be an interesting one from the web design front when an amalgamation of old and new is likely to take place. Here’s a quick look at the trends that are predicted to rule the web design world in 2015.


Parallax Scrolling: Best Practices, Examples & Tutorials

he idea of parallax design is simply an awareness of movement. More specifically, the word ‘parallax’ is used to describe the perception of distance between objects while moving along a line of sight. For example the objects nearest to you in space will seem to move quicker and more dynamically than “background” objects. So parallax is just a measurement of the difference in position between 2 points from the viewer’s perspective. Since the objects aren’t really moving it’s just a type of illusion like 2D animation.


Jimdo Launches Smartphone Apps For Website Design!

It does not make much difference how your website is designed it could be a template, theme or a purpose built design, but when you are out and about any issues with the site would normally mean rushing back to the laptop or PC in order to fix it quick. However, if you are using Jimdo things have just got a lot easier with the launch of free Smartphone apps on Android and iOS. With the app, the user is able to create and edit a website, add content or elements, edit navigation or menus and of course manage a blog.

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Going Pro – What it takes to be a lead designer at a top startup

Over the past couple years at Designer Fund we’ve worked closely with many top startups to grow and develop their design teams.  These startups build world-class products, value design, and invest heavily in their designers. In turn, they expect ever-growing contributions from their design teams. From developing an amazing design culture to building prototypes, the days of designers only pushing pixels are long gone. If you’re looking to become a design leader at a top startup, here’s what it’s going to take.


How Google Fonts is Changing the Web

It seems like only yesterday the web was filled with boring, standard fonts. To make sure your fonts showed up across the greatest number of users, designers were forced to limit their website’s font choices to those most commonly found on the computer. With the creation of CSS3, most browsers started supporting a new font face tag, a way to deliver custom fonts to a web page. Unfortunately, font licensing can really be messy so embedding fonts into your web page isn’t always a good idea.


30 WordPress Themes With Large Background Images

Standard website layouts with logo and navigation on top, and then the slider and contents below work good for every website. However, they have already become so trite that they hardly catch visitors’ attention and remain a part of the crowd. At present day, if you want to overcome the competitors in your field you definitely need something more. But what can that be?


10 Awesome HTML & CSS UI Kits you can’t afford to miss as a web designer

Web Designing is something that involves an incredible amount of creativity and passion. With a wide range of web design frameworks available in the market, choosing one that suits your level of expertise is a bit challenging. Popular as a trendy front end framework, Bootstrap has been used by web designers, both amateurs and professionals. Moreover, its compatibility with all major web browsers makes it the first choice of web experts intending to build web applications and websites. Boostrap offers a lot of stunning UI Kits, which can aid in speeding up the web design process to new heights.



6 stunning HTML5, CSS3 and responsive website templates

There is no denying, Responsive Web Design or RWD has quickly become a household name in web design. It pretty much went from being completely unknown to something every web designer can comment on. Today, if you are not using some sort of Responsive design on your site, then chances are you are going to be left in the dust. The same could be said about HTML5, in the past almost all websites were built on Flash, however today that has changed and most websites are now built using HTML5 and CSS3. For this article we have found 6 absolutely stunning website templates that utilize either Responsive Web Design, HTML5, CSS3 or all of them in the same design.


Top 9 Amazing jQuery Banner Slideshow Demos

Query image slider and jQuery Carousel plugins have become increasingly popular ingredients in web pages over the last year or so. Main reason for this is that image sliders are very powerful for featuring top content in a visual and appealing way. This, without taking too much of the limited space e.g. on front pages of websites.


Perfect your calls to action with the right words

Words are hugely powerful. They are what mostly make up the Web. Without copy the Web would be nothing. Yet in many design projects words are seen as an afterthought when they should be the focus from the off. Jason Fired of 37 Signals fame says that “It was always you design this page and then you just pour the copy in later, and it never felt right to me.” Instead, good content should be what we apply our design skills to.


4 Subtle Symptoms of a Poor Performing Website

Your website might be sick (and not in a good way). Don’t take it personal, most websites on the Internet today are suffering from something that’s holding them back from being in tip-top shape. Now, you may be saying, “Well, hold on! If you’re saying my website is sick, how come I don’t know about it?”


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