Find Valentine's Day Inspiration in Unlikely Places

January 31, 2013 • By

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, you have to do your best and come up with brilliant designs that whisper ‘Valentine’s Day is here!’ to the viewers. Because we sympathize with you, we came up with 10 (potential) sources of inspiration. Here they are:

1. Going for the bullseye: Love Story.


Take Love Story, for instance. The film and its famous couple. Simple storyline, huge impact. Just look at the title and the poster. Generally, vintage film posters = great source of inspiration. Go for it, Romeo!

2. Shop windows


Walk around downtown, wherever you are, and you’ll be flooded by hearts, pink and red. But in the middle of these obvious and expected themes, you’ll be surprised by some fancy shop window that goes the extra mile, while still keeping the flame alive. Watch the reactions of the passers-by too.

3. Thank God for Pinterest!

Pinterest everything

Tons of images  seriously or slightly connected to Valentine’s Day.

4. Fruit

fruit via pinterest

Do you have any idea how much juice, colour, texture and sweetness are in a fruit? Not to mention the health benefits.

5. Anything Jane Austen

Jane Austen_ bookcover_emma

We’re talking about 200 years of reprinted novels. The styles, the typography, the general feel, they all add up to an impressive source of inspiration. Of course, there’s more to it then cool book covers. The stories speak volumes about Cupid’s arrows too.

6. Stock photos


If everything else fails, you could grab a really good image from professional stock photo galleries. For example offer some great St. Valentimes Day discount photos and fresh valentines background images.

7. Cupcakes


The amount of time and imagination that goes into a few morsels of bakery treats is quite impressive. Check them out! Bon appétit!

8. Clouds

Isaac Gutiérrez Pascual ©2010

They say love is in the air, so look up! However, if the clouds themselves don’t throw some ideas at you, at least they will help you reboot your brain.

9. Play it again, Sam.

play it again sam_casablanca

Browse through your music collection and dig out those tunes for the broken hearts, the happy hearts… We bet there are more than you expect. Now, play them in a loop.

10. February New Yorker magazine covers

MAGAZINE COVERS_New Yorker valentines

Good thing they come out in January.

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