The 2010 Web Design Top Picks and Trends

September 27, 2010 • By

The year 2010 is more than halfway through, and while there are amazing new website designs being launched regularly, the trend for the year has been established. Before the end of 2009, there were already predictions on what the 2010 top website designs would be. One of the predictions, if it could be called that, was that websites would turn minimalist.

And it did. We see the top website design for 2010 consistently across the board as having one or two main focuses on its main page, and not a lot of text. In fact, some of the hottest minimalist website designs have but a couple of words, some of them just the name of the product coupled with an amazing product shot.  Nothing over the top, stark simple, but it gets your attention in a snap.

Another website design that has been capturing the imagination of internet users and web designers is the use of the magazine-style layout. This kind website design recognizes the fact that eventually magazines will be overshadowed by magazine websites, mainly because of the paperless drive to save the environment from further abuse. This type of website design looks like your typical stylish print magazine with a lot of catchy headings and subheadings, links, and content previews – just like what you can expect from the front cover of your favorite magazine.

Looking at this website design, you notice it tries to re-create that magazine feel that most avid magazine readers have gotten used to. As a website, it appears to be overcrowded, but not for its target audience who prefers to get all the information and teasers it needs in one page.

Most hand-drawn website designs belong to artists or website design companies, and they use the first page of their website to dramatically emphasize their skills and creativity. The website below is a restaurant which means that artistry is starting to spill over to the mainstream websites. You can tell that a lot of thought has been put into creating this restaurant’s website, and it looks a little like a menu. You will also notice that it appears to be crowded, but really isn’t. Because of the dark background, there is a mystic that surrounds the website, as if beckoning one to call in for a reservation.

You will notice that the top websites of 2010 are more than just a business website. It  combines aesthetics with the personalized touch, before merging with the online business perfectly. This is a website trend that was not visible at all a few years ago.

The next top website design for 2010 is the retro look.  You may also call it vintage, but it basically refers to an understatement in web design, almost like an unfinished work of art.  Retro web designs can date back as early as 20 years ago, or go even further back to the days of black and white TV. In the example below, the product is a beer from Portland, Oregon, and one would assume from its web design that the company has been brewing since the 1960s. Except, this original brew from Oregon began selling beer only 24 years ago, in 1986.

The website is a testimony to their marketing angle that they have been brewing the best Portland beer for a long time. And it works superbly.  If you notice, this design also tries to be minimalist by not putting too much information on its top page. The graphics zeroes in on the product, and not much else. By all accounts, it appears that from now on, retro is making a strong comeback in design, this time evident in many website designs all across the globe.

Other 2010 top website designs veer towards the use of large graphics, large fonts, oversized footers and headers, and bold typeface and fonts. For 2010, and into 2011, the attitude towards website design has gone from trying to squeeze everything in one page to a more relaxed and subtle approach. Although, there is still the in-your-face design that can make anyone stop and stare. Generally speaking though, the approach remains minimalist and artsy.

For now, there are many websites that carry more than just website design. One example would be the Von Dutch website that incorporates the hand painted top border, large graphics, and textured background.  It also has the retro look, as well as an interesting black and white image, which is something you might see in a magazine-style website.

For web designers and business owners, the spectrum of design has gone explosive. There are no more barriers or inhibitions in creating a unique impression that could help drive traffic to the website simply on the basis of its extraordinary design. And therein lies the reason why it is called a trendy website design for 2010, and one to watch out for in the coming months.

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