Sketching or Straight To the Computer for Design Concepts? What’s Your Choice?

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There are several methods for wire-framing,prototyping or sketching a web design project. Some may use a web based wire framing app or download one of the many powerful desktop applications available, and others, will simply use the ageless and always reliable pencil and paper. So, we now pass this question to you.

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So, here is this weeks question: Sketching or Straight To the Computer for Design Concepts? What’s Your Choice?.
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Sketching or Straight To the Computer for Design Concepts? What’s Your Choice?

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Answer from Unregistered User:

Always sketch first. I find the computer can get in the way, and I can get stuck in a design rut if I move to the mac to early. Sketching helps keep the creativity flowing, and allows me to think up some organic ideas. I can decide what characteristics a typeface should have in a design without worrying about if I have it on the computer for example. Anything’s possible on paper.

Answer from Unregistered User:

Sketching every time! Its easier for me to get my ideas together with a pencil and pad, then translate them onscreen.

Answer from Handrus Nogueira:

It really depends on client needs. Every time a work need a bit more creativity sketching become necessary. In the rare cases where client know what he want’s or already have a good idea of how the page elements should look like I run directly into html, css (without PSD), the use of css frameworks like blueprint and bluetrip made it a lot easier and overall faster than create the design in photoshop first.

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