Seven Beautifully Designed Comment Sections

January 17, 2013 • By

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and this is certainly true when it comes to blogs. Comment sections are not normally thought of as needing a lot of design, so when someone comes up with a good way of convincing you to send a message then it can only be beneficial for business. Here are some interesting examples:

1. Crude Fitness


A site geared towards building that six pack; it is dark and gritty but there is a humour that pervades a lot of the articles. The stark layout with white type on black background really makes everything stand out. The comment section at the bottom of their articles gives a lot of space for people to give their opinions and is very clear to read. The whole presentation is beautiful – but in a masculine kind of way.

2. Snilesh


With capitalised text drawing your attention to the entry field of the comments section, this site’s blog is the perfect example of simplistic web design. Colours are kept plain with a white background and black text ensuring everything is easy to follow. Comments themselves blend naturally with the background, becoming an integral part of the article itself.

3. Shoe Passion


A beautiful German site with plenty of stylistic features to enjoy, the comments section is particularly impressive with a simplistic layout and strategic use of graphics. Entry fields are given a light blue text box whilst the general input area is defined by a small image based icon of a pencil – a simple way to show users that it’s their turn to contribute.

4. Recovery Photo


Another beautiful site, you’ll even find an easy to follow comment entry field at the bottom of the homepage. This will help you get exactly what you need from this fantastic service with the layout teaching us a few lessons in alternative ways to organise comment sections. The entry field uses grey text boxes on a black background for a bold contrast with text appearing in a lighter shade – combining subtly with extroversion.

5. Tangential Musings


Another simple WP format, comments here benefit from the ability to have your account picture displayed alongside your comment. The size of the images is fairly large when compared to some sites meaning that it’s easy to see exactly who said what. Those without pictures assigned have their comments printed on a simple plain background whilst those with a picture are upgraded to a light blue background – a simple differentiation which adds an extra layer to the comments section. The entry field is also well organised with the “submit” button appearing in a bold blue colour to encourage users to comment.

6. Demain J’arrête


This beautiful French site maintains its cartoon-esque graphics throughout the comments section to great effect. Posters names appear to the left of the comment body and in bold face to identify them from the rest of the post. There are no text boxes or lines to separate the comments, providing a seamless and continuous appearance which works well with the rest of the site.

7. Android Kit


We love this site for its quirky graphics which resemble traditional computer screens with a black background and toxic green text. Comments follow the same format as the main articles, once again creating a seamless appearance within the blog. Text colour is the same with a slighter darker shade differentiating between the name of the contributor and their message – a simple yet effective system.

If you are looking for a domain provider, web hosting and a ready-made website, then you could design your own website here in a snap but for inspiration on how to set out your comments section, you can bookmark these examples or check out our own comment section 🙂

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