Logo trends – the 2014 edition

May 16, 2014 • By

Yup, that time of the year when Logolounge releases the Logo trends bible. Seems like there are quite a few new trends that were not on their radar in 2013.

Here are some of the new trends below. There are all very different but most of them are logos that would look good on anything. Let us know what you think and if you ever get influenced by these trends and in what sense. Do you find yourself following any of these things or you’re actually avoiding them? Btw, one more place I like to check every week or so in terms of trends is Dribbble. Do you have any other sources in your bookmarks?


Mono Crest Logo Design Trend


Letter Stacks Logo Design Trend


Hand Type  Logo Design Trend


Dazzle  Logo Design Trend


Flat Facets


Geo Wires Logo Design Trend


Trans Menagerie Logo Design Trend


Waves Logo Design Trend


Hexagons Logo Design Trend


Geography Logo Design Trend


Pompons Logo Design Trend


Knot Logo Design Trend


Some other trends observed by team Logo Lounge:

  • Mountains, both representing geographic entities as well as a metaphor for achieving great heights or reaching a summit of success.
  • Acorns a plenty, as a return to nature and the promise of potential and greatness from an auspicious beginning. These demonstrated planning for the future and as a reminder, the best time to plant a tree was yesterday.
  • Bees in every form, and a few hives as well. A versatile symbol of fertility, industry, dedication and teamwork. All the critical ingredients for a sticky reward delivered without a sting.
  • Digital controllers, whether for a game or otherwise, seem to symbolize the ability to manage any challenge at the push of a button or flick of the wrist.
  • Symbols are being adopted by consumers at an extraordinary pace, and many of these from digital devices or associations with that industry. Clouds, Wi-Fi waves, loading wheels and a rush of icons from our mobile devices are providing the analogies for the next generation of logos.
  • Faceting cannot be stopped as it continues to evolve. Since it first hit the scene in 2010 it has sprouted more offshoots than a hydra at a knife fight.
  • Flat, overly simple logos are giving realism a breather. Skeumorphic design is so yesterday. Unfortunately designers are breaking the surface tension by letting long shadows creep onto the faces of their work. So if we’re living in flat world, what’s casting the shadow?
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