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Over the last few years we have seen many of our colleagues in the web and design industry start producing their own products and selling them online. From magazines and books to icons, posters and t-shirts — lots of us are taking advantage of easy to use online ecommerce platforms.

The days of needing a physical store to sell your wares are long gone. Today with an online audience it’s possible to start running very successful side businesses armed with nothing more than a laptop all whilst relaxing in the comfort of your local coffee shop.

Easy to customise theme based platforms like Shopify make it possible to have professional online storefronts that seemelessly blend into exisiting sites or have their own independent design. For a nominal start up cost it’s possible to start selling online, take credit and debit card payments and manage your orders seemlessly.

Here are just a few examples of Shopify stores created by designers working in the web industry. Are you inspired to start your own store or are you already trading? Let me know by leaving a note in the comments.

Super Eight


Super Eight are a UK based design studio specialising in web and mobile design. They host their shop on a sub-domain of their main site. Selling t-shirts, prints and mugs their responsively designed store blends seemlessly into the overall look and feel of their main marketing site.I can personally vouch for the mugs, they are rather nice.

Noteworthy feature: Hover over the cart icon in the menu bar to reveal how many items you have in your basket.

Pencil by 53


Pencil was launched to accompany the iOS app Paper. The design team behind Pencil did a great job of showcasing their single product store and have included a lot of information on the page — all of which is very accessible. The page is fully responsive and the product hero image resizes very nicely ensuring that your focus is always drawn to the product regardless of your viewport width.

Noteworthy feature: Towards the bottom of the page they have included a “Notify Me” button which when clicked allows you to subscribe to product updates.

8 Faces


8 Faces is a limited edition typography magazine created and edited by designer Elliot Jay Stocks. Elliot moved to Shopify to coincide with the launch of issue 6 of the magazine. Elliot also uses the store to sell his limited edition typography prints.

Noteworthy feature: The ability to scroll the home page hero image to reveal further images from the latest issue.

A Book Apart


If you are reading this there’s a strong chance that you have a book by A Book Apart sitting on your book shelf. Founded by Jeffrey Zeldman, Mandy Brown and Jason Santa Maria A Book Apart leads the way with short books on web design. With titles from the likes of Jeremy Keith, Ethan Marcotte and Mike Monteiro you won’t go far wrong with a purchase.

Noteworthy feature: When resizing the home page the hero image uses CSS animations to great effect.



Tired of putting poorly designed temporary tattoos on her daughter’s arm, New York based designer Tina Roth Eisenberg (AKA Swiss Miss) took matters into her own hands and launched Tattly in 2011. Tattly works with designers, all of which receive a cut of their designs sales, to produce stylish temporay tattoos.

Noteworthy feature: The artists page features a clever use of image carousels to showcase thumbnails of each designers “tattly’s”



Dribbble, the show and tell for designers, has grown immensely over the last few years. Started by well known designer and author Dan Cederholm dribbble has become one of the leading platforms for sharing “what you are working on”. The basketball metaphor extends to their shop. The “equipment store” is hosted on it’s own sub-domain and it’s design seemlessly integrates with the whole dribbble brand. All images are displayed neatly on the home page making it very easy to see what’s on offer.

Noteworthy feature: The customer service page features an easy way to check the status of your order. Just enter your order number and email address to see how long you have to wait for your dribbble goodies.

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Keir Whitaker is the UK based Shopify Designer Advocate, one half of Viewport Industries, publisher of Digest & co-host of The Back to Front Show podcast.