Why Building Your Reputation Must Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Plan

May 30, 2016 • By

Your business’ reputation is one of the most important assets you have. Without a solid reputation, your business is sunk. That is why it is so important to include reputation building in your digital marketing plan.

The Importance of a Digital Reputation

You know your basic business reputation is important, and in the past, that was all you had to worry about. Today, though, your digital reputation is what you really need to focus on because such a large part of your consumer base is going to be finding you through digital marketing. Digital means cell phones, applications, the internet, and anything using digital media.

Your reputation is so important because it helps you stand apart from the competition, lets your customers know you can be trusted, and encourages people to become employees of your company. When you have a positive reputation, you will find yourself coming out on top in comparison to competitors, drawing in customers easily, and having a great pool of people from which to choose when you are hiring.

Where to Focus Your Digital Marketing Efforts

When you are developing your digital marketing plan, make sure that you are considering the top places to build your reputation and engage your customers. If you are new to digital marketing, then it helps to learn more about it and possibly hire a company to help you, such as ReputationDefender. Getting help from a professional will really make things easier and allow you to manage your digital presence better.

The first thing you want to do is invest your time in building your social media profiles, this includes the following sites:


These are just four of the most commonly known platforms, but there are many more out there. Just make sure you don’t get too in over your head. Remember that you have to maintain a presence on these sites, too, so start out small and add more sites as needed.

You also need to create a blog. People really want to see that you are an expert in your field, so you need a blog where you can publish helpful information. You also want to be sure your blog is offering them unique content that will help them to understand your business better and establish a good connection with you.

If you are super ambitious and really committed to building a solid reputation, then you need to consider developing an app. This will really depend on what business you are in, but it could be anything from a shopping platform to a helpful program to a game. Just make sure it is useful and better than anything similar on the market.

Managing Your Reputation

So, how do you handle your digital reputation? It is all about monitoring and making smart moves. The thing about digital marketing is that once people hear about you, they will start digging to find out more. They will look for your social media pages, website, applications, and any other digital presence you have to learn about your business. You have to stay on top of everywhere your business is being mentioned to maintain your positive reputation.

Negative reviews or remarks about your company can cause major damage to your reputation. To combat this, you have to make sure that your marketing plan includes a way to manage reviews and comments. You likely won’t be able to catch every single one, but you should at least be monitoring all your online accounts where messages could be left and any major review sites where your business has been reviewed. Respond to a negative review or remark in a positive way. Your goal is to turn things around and try to fix the situation.

Another thing you need to work on is getting your business out there on respected platforms. This could include creating an app that is highly rated, getting an article written about your business on a popular blog, or even being followed by a celebrity on social media. The goal here is to get recognition from someone who is already trusted and who people will look to for recommendations and advice. It is like the online version of a testimonial.

Finally, you have to take advantage of social media. It is not enough to just create an account. You must make it an ongoing part of your marketing efforts. You should be posting on social media regularly. You want people to follow you, but they will only do that if you are posting often and posting interesting things, so put a lot of effort into maintaining social media. This will do a lot for your reputation and help you gain recognition.

Building a positive reputation is really not too difficult when you are using digital marketing smartly. You have to be committed to it. It is not something you can just put in place and leave alone. The whole idea is to interact with your customers and let them see what a great business you are.

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