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Apple October 16 – Keynote Live Blog

October 16, 2014 • By

Today is the day where Apple is expected to unveil the new iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. Even though they have already been leaked, by Apple themselves, it will still be interesting to see what other goodies the Cupertino company has for us.

Well guys there you have it, a new iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, new iMac and new Mac Mini

11:20 AM – Thanks very much for joining us.

11:20 AM – I would invite all of you to come across the hall to get your eyes on the Retina 5K display.

11:19 AM – I’d like to thank all the teams at Apple that have worked so hard, much of what you’ve seen here represents multiple years of work.

11:19 AM – Since we create both the hardware and the software, we deliver something no one else can do.

11:18 AM – Made our notebooks even better this year with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Sometimes you want to be close to your content. Touching it. We’ve made that experience better today with the iPad Air 2.

11:18 AM – This incredible lineup of products and the ecosystem that supports them is something only Apple can create.

11:17 AM – Sometimes you want to hold that technology in the palm of your hand, and there’s no better thing for your hand than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

11:17 AM – Each one of these play a very important role. People need different types of technology for the way they live their lives.

11:17 AM – This is the strongest lineup of products that Apple has ever had. We believe that each one of these play a very important role.

11:17 AM – Tim Cook is back

11:17 AM – Also shipping today.

11:17 AM – Faster Mac Mini starts at just $499, down $100.

11:16 AM – Haswell CPU and Iris and HD 5000 GPUs, 802.11ac, two Thunderbolt 2 ports, PCIe-based storage.

11:15 AM- We have a whole new generation.

11:15 AM – MAC MINI Update!

11:14 AM – Shipping today.

11:14 AM – The new iMac is $2499

11:14 AM – 1TB Fusion drive standard.

11:14 AM – Thunderbolt 2.

11:13 AM – 3.5Ghz Intel i5, upgradeable to 4.0GHz

11:13 AM – Throughout the product line we’ve updated everything.

11:12 AM – Video ends!

11:12 AM – “On an iMac, the experience begins with the display.”

11:10 AM – Running a launch video to show off the new iMac.

11:10 AM – We’re proud to introduce the first iMac with a 5K Retina display.

11:10 AM – New LED backlight technology. As bright as previously, but consumes 30% less energy.

11:10 AM – Fit those 14.7 million pixels into iMac design, just 5mm thin at the edge.

11:09 AM – 67% more pixels than 4K.

11:08 AM – HD TVs are 1080p, this is 7 times that

11:08 AM – We call it the Retina 5K Display.

11:08 AM – 5120×2880


11:07 AM – iMac with Retina Display, is the full name

11:07 AM – Showing video, shows off iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, MacBook Pro… all with Retina display. Now, new iMac with Retina display.

11:06 AM – It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of Retina Display.

11:05 AM – People love the MacBook Pro. People love the beautiful Retina display.

11:05 AM – It’s the 30th birthday of the Mac this year, and the lineup is better than ever.

11:04 AM – Let’s talk a little bit about what’s happening with the Mac.”

11:04 AM – Pre-order new iPads starting tomorrow, shipping next week.


11:03 AM – A lot of info in a very short time!

11:02 AM – Starts at $399.

11:02 AM – Silver, space gray, gold.

11:02 AM – iPad Mini 3 comes in gold, includes TouchID.

11:01 AM – 16GB at $499, 64GB and 128GB upgrades available for $100 and $200 more.

11:01 AM – Comes in space grey, white, gold.

11:00 AM – If you want to get one, it will cost $499, $599, or $699 for Wi-Fi

11:00 AM – And that’s the iPad Air 2. Better display, faster, better camera, TouchID.

10:59 AM – On A8X we get 4x faster rendering than A7.

10:58 AM – In one tap, Replay analyzed all my videos, edited them together, and synced them to the beat of the music.

10:58 AM – With Replay, you can create incredibly rich videos on your iPad without knowing anything about editing.

10:57 AM – To tell you about Replay, Jeff Boudier.

10:57 AM – Pixelmator for iPad is coming later this month to the App Store.

10:57 AM – Able to bring repair tool from Mac version to the iPad.

10:56 AM – (showing image layers, using a Repair tool to smooth out flaws or unwanted objects.)

10:56 AM – This is a full-featured image editing app we’ve been working on for two years.

10:55 AM – Pixelmator team on stage to debut Pixelmator for iPad Air.

10:55 AM – iOS 8.1 comes with the new iPads.



10:53 AM – It works in the App Store and with iOS 8 apps that support TouchID.

10:53 AM – Faster Wi-Fi, 80211ac with MIMO. 2.8x faster performance up to 866Mbps. Faster LTE, 150Mbps, 20 LTE bands.

10:52 AM – The most requested feature is TouchID.

10:52 AM – Slo-mo video. 720p FPS.

10:51 AM – There’s a new FaceTime camera too. New sensor.

10:51 AM – Large panoramas up to 43 megapixels. Burst mode photos

10:51 AM – Showing amazing photos!

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.49.57 PM

10:50 AM – It also does Time Lapse

10:49 AM – But anyway, that camera. It’s an 8MP iSight camera. f/2.4 aperture.

10:48 AM – 1080p HD video, new sensor.

10:48 AM – New M8 coprocessor. iSight Camera makes a lot of sense. Best viewfinder for taking photos and videos.


10:47 AM – 12x faster than the original iPad on CPU, 180x faster on graphics.

10:46 AM – The work the software team is doing with Metal means we can offer console-level graphics in the palm of your hand

10:46 AM – A8X chip, 2nd-gen 64-bit architecture, 3 billion transistors, 40% faster CPU, 2.5x faster GPU.

10:45 AM – Laminated the screen with no air gap. Reduces internal reflection for sharper image and thinner display.

10:44 AM – Here’s the original iPad next to the iPad Air 2. You could stack two of them, and still be thinner.

10:44 AM – 18% thinner than the first iPad Air, which was 20% thinner than the iPad 4.

10:44 AM – I’m so excited to be able to tell you about the iPad Air 2. 6.1mm thin.

10:43 AM – To tell you more, I’ll invite Phil Schiller up.

10:42 AM – Even thinner than a pencil

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.42.19 PM

10:41 AM – Holding up an even thinner iPad Air 2.

10:41 AM – You can do so many things on iPad and you have such a great experience doing it. Root of this, we have 675,000 apps on the App Store.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.40.47 PM

10:40 AM – To put this in a little more perspective, top four sales of PC manufacturers in last four years, compare to iPad, iPad beats them all. This is their entire PC lineup. Every notebook, every desktop, every 2-in-1, every all-in-one.

10:39 AM – What’s more important to us is that iPad has consistently been rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.37.47 PM

10:38 AM – With so many people using iPad for so many things in so many places, it’s not surprising that we’ve sold more iPads in the first 4 years than we’ve sold of any product in our history.

10:37 AM – As we’ve packed more power and performance into iPad, our customers and developers have begun to use it in ways we cannot imagine.

10:37 AM – I’d like to talk about iPad.

10:37 AM – Tim Cook is back!

10:36 AM – iOS 8.1 will be available for download Monday.

10:35 AM – Which is fine, because Yosemite will be in the Mac App Store today for free

10:35 AM – There is so much more I could talk about but there just isn’t enough time.

10:34 AM – You can use the Apple Watch as a remote for Keynote

10:34 AM – Watch out, this is getting childish.

10:33 AM – This is like a comedy show

10:32 AM – “I don’t think the Chief of Secrecy title captures my role at Apple. How about Supreme Allied Commander of Super Secrecy?”

10:31 AM – Apple’s “Chief of Secrecy”

10:31 AM – Calling Stephen Colbert

10:31 AM – I can find all my files in iCloud Drive and pick up where I left off in my Keynote presentation.

10:31 AM – While I’m working on my iPad, my phone could be across the house, and if I get an SMS, I’ll get it right on my iPad.

10:30 AM – Apple making fun of themselves

10:29 AM – People laughing!

10:29 AM – Tim has sent me a memo about doubling down on secrecy!!!

10:28 AM – Time for a Demo

10:27 AM – Handoff, Instant Hotspot, Text Messages on any device, Make and Receive Calls using Mac as a speakerphone. “It’s really magical.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.26.48 PM

10:26 AM – Talking about Handoff

10:26 AM – You can play to Apple TV without being connected to the same network.

10:25 AM – With Yosemite and iOS 8, all of our documents, photos, and videos are synced too.

10:24 AM – At the center of this iCloud. It’s easy to take syncing for granted.


10:24 AM – You can see all your data from OS X and iOS apps, and you can organize things however you want.

10:23 AM – Yosemite gives 3 hours better battery life for Netflix streaming than competing browsers.

10:23 AM – iWork is getting a great update for Yosemite.

10:23 AM – Also has MailDrop – supports up to 5GB attachments, encrypted and sent through iCloud.

10:23 AM – New features in Yosemite: Extensions, Notification Center, New Dock, New Safari


10:22 AM – Talking about different features of OS X Yosemite

10:22 AM – OS X Yosemite: Over a million members of the Mac community signed up for the Yosemite public beta.

10:22 AM – Talking about Yosemite

10:22 AM – All photos and videos, original format and resolution, available in public beta with iOS 8.1. Uses iCloud storage

10:22 AM – It includes Apple Pay and the public beta of iCloud Photo Library

10:21 AM – There is a blogger here who is super happy to see this one back!

10:20 AM- We’re addressing the top sources of customer feedback, and bringing back the beloved Camera Roll.

10:19 AM – When we send a new OS to millions of users, we get a little feedback

10:19 AM – Talking about iOS 8.1

10:18 AM – “Its impact could be greater than any other language,” says Wired.

10:18 AM – Next is Swift, an entirely new programming language.

10:17 AM – Moving on, a recap of Metal. This is more on the performance side, of course, and graphics performance.

10:16 AM – We’ve also given devs access to TouchID

10:15 AM – Discussing apps updating with support for new iOS 8 features like Notification Center Widgets and other extensibility features.

10:14 AM – Talking about Family sharing and Health Kit

10:14 AM – Now quoting Android market share numbers. After 313 days, latest version of Android has just 25% of its user base. iOS 8 has double that in 26 days.


10:13 AM – 48% of customers using iOS 8 “in just under four weeks.” In combination with iOS 7, 94% are running an operating system that shipped in just over the last year.

10:13 AM – iOS 8 is a major feature release with something for all of our customers.

10:13 AM – Craig Federighi is here to tell you more

10:12 AM – Each product isn’t only the best in class in its category, but they’ve been designed to work seamlessly together.

10:12 AM – Shipping Early 2015

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.10.36 PM

10:12 AM – This month, the Apple Watch is on the cover of Vogue China. “We are really proud of this.”

10:12 AM – I’m pleased to tell you today that we’ve developed WatchKit, where many other devs can join this party.

10:11 AM – Now talking about the Apple Watch

10:10 AM – We believe Apple Pay is going to be huge. It’s going to change the way we pay for things.

10:09 AM – Releasing on MONDAY!

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.07.15 PM

10:08 AM – Apple Pay also works online in apps. You can buy products and services right in the app.

10:07 AM – Talking about Apple Pay, It’s built right into Passbook on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

10:06 AM – Our rollout around the world is going well. By the end of this week we’ll be in 32 countries. In just a few hours from now, we’ll launch in China.

10:05 AM – Fastest-selling iPhone in history. Most first month orders ever. “I don’t mean by a little… by a lot! A whole lot!”

10:04 AM – Talking about the reception of the iPhone.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.04.12 PM

10:03 AM – Good morning!” Thanks everyone for joining us this morning. It’s been an incredible year. And tremendously busy already, but we’ve got a few more things to share with you before we close out the year.

10:02 AM – Tim Cook is on the stage!

10:01 AM – Lights go out and a video begins.

10:00 AM – It shouldn’t be necessary to refresh the site, however sometimes things don’t work as planned, yes Apple I am looking at you! If this is the case then you might have to refresh.

9:59 AM – With the Tag line, it’s been too long….Wonder what they mean with that.

9:58 AM – The announcer has just asked everyone to switch their phones to silent mode

9:56 AM – The event is about to get started to grab a cup of coffee, or if it is evening by you then why not grab a beer and get comfy.

9:54 AM – Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to take this moment to welcome you all to the Live blog! Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy writing it.

As usual, we will be live blogging during the event, so make sure to check back here.


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