4 Extremely Creative And Inspiring Banner Ads

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Banner advertising is one of the most common forms of advertising on the planet and unless you live in the stones ages (which I’m sure you don’t), you’ll likely come across banner advertising in some shape or form every single day. Even if you’re a bit of a recluse and rarely leave the house, you’ll likely come across the newer, more modern form of banner advertising whenever you browse the web, as it’s literally on every website you visit these days.

The thing is, you probably don’t even realise that you’re seeing these banners a lot of the time and the reason for this is simple; they’re boring. Think about it; if you saw a boring advert on TV, would you watch the programme/show it was advertising? More than likely not.

If you’re planning on advertising your business with the use of a banner ad then you need to remember this. Creating a boring banner ad for the sake of it simply isn’t enough these days; it needs to be creative, inspiring and eye-catching. Now, this might sound like a difficult thing to accomplish so to help you, I’ve found some of my favourite and most creative banner ads of all time to get you inspired.

#1 – Tolnaftate Cream


Source: AdsOfTheWorld

I’m sure that all of you have experienced a fungal infection at some point or another and if you have, you’ll know that it isn’t a pleasant experience. Fungal infections are caused by a living fungus on the skin and more often than not, they cause a rather fishy smell that isn’t that pleasant either.

Tolnaftate cream is an anti-fungal cream that helps to eliminate the infection and also, the bad odour. Now, not only does this product have a bit of a weird name but it’s also a pretty boring product that is relatively difficult to advertise. You only have to look at the boring and uncreative way that products like creams and toothpastes are generally marketed to realise that this isn’t a creative industry, at least not in terms of advertising.

However, Tolnaftate managed to find creativity where many others wouldn’t and produced the extremely clever and eye-catching banner ad that you see above. It’s a simple concept in which a pair of flip-flops are made from fish (fish-flops if you will) to represent the fungal infection.

They also produced one that used rats to depict the infection.

 #2 – Leave It To The Pro’s



I know what you’re thinking; it’s probably pretty easy to create a creative ad like the one above if you’ve got a lot of money to play with in terms of your marketing budget and while this is true to some extent, you can still create exceptionally creative banners without the huge budget.

Just take a look at this banner ad from a UK printing company; Fastprint for example. The ad was created to be used as both an online and offline banner and aims to communicate the frustration that a good percentage of us will likely have felt many times when our printer fails to work.

The ad shows the man getting pretty angry about his broken printer and literally ripping it apart. It’s a simple and eye-catching ad that ran alongside the phrase “Leave it to the pro’s”.

Basically, the ad is saying that you don’t need to bother getting frustrated with your printer, leave it to us as we’re the experts.

Despite the fact that this ad was created on a pretty modest budget, it’s still extremely creative.

#3 – KissFM


Source: KissFM

KissFM is one of the many radio stations based in the UK and in recent years, they have been targeting an audience of primarily younger listeners. KissFM recently created an extremely high budget TV advert in which many of the world’s most well-known pop stars (e.g. Rihanna) were featured, with the aim of attracting an audience of younger listeners.

However, this was only part of their advertising campaign and as you can see from the banner above, KissFM also created this hugely creative banner ad that is not only super bold (thanks to its use of red) but also, very funny.

The ad shows a tape cassette (which you likely won’t remember if you were born after the 90’s) that has been made to appear like the Star Wars character; Darth Vader. The cassette is saying “iPod….I’m your father”.

The genius thing about this banner is that it targets their intended audience perfectly as most of them were born around the time that tape cassettes were widely used.

#4 – Wonderbra


Source: Wonderbra

If you’re a fan of minimalistic designs, this fantastic banner ad from Wonderbra might be for you. It’s a pretty simple ad yet it features an absolutely genius concept.

Those of you familiar with the Wonderbra brand will know that they create better fitting bras and that they also have the slogan; “Fits Naturally”. In this banner, you can see that two oranges with their skins half peeled off are used to represent just how naturally the bras actually fit.

The oranges are used to represent a woman’s bust in one of the Wonderbra products. Clearly, an orange skin fits an orange perfectly and therefore, represents the Wonderbra slogan (Fits Naturally) down to a tee.

Aside from this, the ad features a colourful yellow background (great for attracting attention) and nothing else (apart from the slogan). Simple, creative and all round genius.


You don’t have to be a creative genius or the world’s greatest designer to create a fantastic banner ad, you just need to come up with a cool concept. Yes, doing this requires a certain level of creativity but in all truth, the concept is the hardest part.

Designing the ad is the simple part and if you can’t use Photoshop (or another design tool) yourself, it won’t cost much to hire a designer so long as you have a ready-made concept. So keep this in mind and get your thinking cap on.

Author Bio: Adam is an advertising enthusiast who currently works for a UK design company, he specialises in helping the company to create unique and eye-catching banner designs.

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