10 extremely creative bathroom design ideas

June 10, 2014 • By

After waking in the morning most of us head straight to the bathroom. When we come home from work we often like to relax with a shower. The bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in the house, and its design should reflect this with a calm and relaxing décor. Having a beautiful bathroom design can also make your guests feel welcome, and should portray strong interior decoration features to reflect who you are as a person.

While bathrooms should be visually appealing, making the visitor feel comfortable and their needs catered for, the industrial bathroom can be a fantastic room in which to be both functional and creative, and explore new ideas! If you’re in a vintage mood why not grunge it up with some textures like stone, wood or brick. Or fancy it up a bit to make a bright and classy bathroom with some marble, white tiles or metallic finishes. Certain bathroom ornaments can also help to heighten your bathroom theme, like candles, statues or unique towel holders.

Of course before embarking on a bathroom remodelling, it’s important to plan well in advance to make sure you have a complete list of tasks for your plumber. Color combinations are an important consideration when exploring a creative bathroom idea, as they help set the mood in the bathroom. Another feature to consider is the bathroom mirror. If you have a small bathroom, a large mirror can help expand the space by reflecting light and creating an optical illusion of spaciousness.

Today we’ve gathered 10 Extremely Creative Bathroom Design Ideas, ranging from cheerful and bright bathrooms, and modern state of the art, too dark grunge themed bathroom ideas.

By Filippo Carandini Studio
This is a beautiful bright bathroom, set with a decorative black and white pattern tiles, clean and spacious look. Set with wooden textures and mostly white décor. The large window brings in lots of light to make this bathroom bright and cheerful.

by Lori Carroll
This a fantastically grungy bathroom, detailed with textured elements while still maintaining an elegance. The ceiling is finished in a textured Venetian plaster, and the decorative details in the plaster make a beautiful design statement and add sophistication to the more rustic qualities. Floating Mascarello granite countertop and dazzling mica and quartz in the stone, complement the simpler elements in the space. The hand-forged candlestick sconces and romantic ironwork ceiling fixture, bring about a colonial ambiance, perfect for this powder room renaissance.

By Dmitriy Yemelianenko & Angelina Stelmakh
Another grunge themed bathroom, set with earthy tones and textures, the two designers went for a Concrete and Grass theme for the bathroom. Some people may not like the cold and run down bathroom design while for others it might be appealing. Very interesting take on a bathroom none the less.

by Elina Katsioula-Beall
This bathroom design is called the ‘Powder Room’ this bathroom and is set with various textures which add some interesting elements. The floor is set with a wooden texture, the main wall has a run down concrete look with decorative swirls. The bathroom contains elements that remind us of 17th century décor style. This bathroom really catches my eye!

By Yury Veredyuk
This bathroom just spells out luxury, the style is very minimalist but bold set with wooden wall, marbled floor and dark tiled standalone wall for the mirror and sink. Very fancy with a pool in the back to boot! I wish we could all afford this modern bathroom!

by Leslie Lamarre
One feature I love about this bathroom is the large mirror, it makes the room appear larger and gives it lots of space. Set with beautifully wooden textured cabinets and bathroom, the textures contrast well against the dark grey stone wall and light cream tones.

By Nicole Scott
This bathroom is very classy! With grey toned walls and floor, white shelves and yellow curtains and bathroom, this is a very minimalist and clean bathroom design. With not a lot of clutter, if you’re looking for a simple bathroom idea with can be brought to life in your bathroom, this is perfect!

By Nar Bustamante
If you’re looking for a rustic look, this ones for you! Created with a holiday home, this bathroom idea is full of wooden textures and tones. With a simple yet modern kitchen sink, and attractive lights, this bathroom is a simple and attractive way of using one texture.

By Janice Stone Thomas
This is an interesting take on a bathroom, the length is fairly narrow leading you to the shower, with beautiful stoned floor and grungy textured tiles. The large windows help to bring in lots of lights with a night seating area made from marble.

By Paul Knutson
A spacious master bathroom with a separate tub and shower create a destination suite. Special features like a silver-tray ceiling with a crystal chandelier and a marble floor add sophisticated details to this award winner. The bathroom is set with light tones helping it appear bright and spacious while the bathroom décor are all large and bold.

Fancy renovating your bathroom after seeing these designs? Having trustworthy and experienced tradesmen undertake your bathroom renovation will not only give you peace of mind while the work is in progress, it will also help to guarantee that your bathroom looks and works perfectly once complete.