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Weekly Design News Roundup – 22 November 2013

November 22, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at different ways to build websites customers love, how to use less design, things web designers fear but really shouldn’t and much more.

15 Free One Page HTML & PSD Website Templates

One page websites are really popular these days and if you are interested in them, you probably noticed how creative they can be. The challenge in designing such websites is to make sure that all the valuable information is presented in an eye-catchy way and user experience is more pleasant than ever. So here is an awesome collection of single page or one page website templates.


20 Clean Portfolio Website Templates for Architects

A strong online presence is required these days for any kind of business. As an architect, having an online presentation website is very important. This way you can use it as a portfolio and gather all your best work in a nice gallery, and also attract more clients. It is known that architects usually prefer simple, clean and minimalist designs, and these templates have these characteristics. We selected 20 beautiful and clean portfolio website templates for architects, which are perfect to start a website in just a few minutes.


5 coding techniques anyone can learn

No more excuses — coding is now way too easy and fun to avoid it. Long gone are the days of Internet Explorer 6, browser compatibility issues and buggy scripts. Things work pretty smoothly now and if you know HTML/CSS, there is absolutely no reason not to delve into jQuery. It’s the de-facto JavaScript library for designers, and more and more companies will be expecting you to know it. It is also a great starting point for learning to program user interfaces and understand what browser offers under the hood. Let’s dive in.


60 Free and Premium WordPress Themes of November 2013

WordPress has a large number of developers and contributor community, which regularly releases new themes every month. This is a collection of some best free and premium wordpress themes that could be will help you build a personal blog/professional website to promote your work. In this article we present 60 best free premium WordPress themes released in November 2013. Most of these themes have attractive and responsive designs, and including lot of custom features. You can choose right theme for your website.


Top 25 Facebook Pages for Web Designers

There are more than 15 million Facebook Pages that active users can “Like” on Facebook. With all of those pages, it can be difficult to discern which pages offer the most value. This is an especially difficult task for web designers, as many Facebook pages that deal with design are marketing their own design features, and offer little value and applicable knowledge. We find that the best pages inspire designers to create better works, in addition to fostering an open community to spread ideas and diverse perspectives. In this particular post, we wanted to gather 25 top Facebook pages that web designers could benefit from the most.


15 jQuery Mobile Plugins for Mobile Devices

User expectation for a great mobile experience is the new standard when it comes to Mobile Development – and Jquery is paving the way for UX professionals within applying their skills to cover all of the nuances of the mobile UX for the vast array of devices out there. Below is a list of15 Jquery Plugins which are empowering the mobile environment.


25 Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

Adding new gallery widget to homepage running on WordPress CMS will never get easier than this. Top photo gallery plugins as well as the best wordpress gallery plugins will be found here as we have got them all. Choosing a proper gallery plugin for photo related site is essential so that it wont mess up  the site looks. The plugins here are light weight and are not with bulky code so they will run fast on any server. Let us know which plugin you found useful from this list. I really like the before and after image plugin included in the last post.


Flat UI Pro Tutorial: How To Use LESS to Create a Sign-In Form

In this video tutorial, you use components from Flat UI Pro and the steps from the previous videos in the Flat UI Tutorial series to use LESS to create simple forms, including sign-ins with a social network or email. The simple forms allows you to create a custom sign-in form using the flat design style with components of Flat UI. You will use LESS and HTML to create the form, creating a custom title bar, alert message, and different sign-up/log in options. The tutorial takes you through steps to build the form and customize it with different color and CSS options. The tutorial is easy to follow if you have basic web design and coding knowledge.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 1.59.59 PM

How Nonprofits Can “Go Mobile” On A Budget

You have surely heard plenty about the rising tide of mobile technology and its increasing importance for online marketing and fundraising. If you are at a small or under-resourced organization, you may still be putting off the development of a mobile strategy because you fear the budget, a possible uphill battle for buy-in, or are just trying to quiet the voices in your head telling you how important mobile is because you simply have so much else to do.


5 Free Tools To Notify You of Website Content Changes

Have you ever came across something exclusive and limited you wanted to buy online but missed the opportunity by minutes because you were away? Maybe you’re someone who has a need to be updated with the latest gaming news, but you other responsibilities are stopping you from camping on the page. We have just the tool to help you with that. In fact, we have 5. Here are 5 free tools you can use to track and monitor changes on websites. Monitor your favorite pages without having to access them frequently. We have three web-based tools and two browser extensions. Plus, some of these tools also allow for email notifications so you won’t miss out on any changes.


4 essential UX rules taught by eye-tracking research

Web designers use a lot of tools to make the sites they design the best possible for site visitors; one of the best ways of achieving this is incorporating actual science and research into design to maximize user satisfaction. Eye-tracking research provides designers with a blueprint of sorts to guide them on the priorities with which site visitors generally absorb the information on any given site. Eye-tracking research also tells us a good deal about the way in which site visitors read websites. This information can be used by savvy web designers to tailor-make a site to the average person. When users get a great experience from visiting your site, they’ll be back, and chances are good that they’ll even turn into regular site visitors. This has implications no matter what type of site you’re designing.


The difference between responsive and adaptive web design

When working with customers and developing scopes for projects, we often present two options for web design: responsive design and adaptive design. The two are commonly confused, and some may refer to responsive as a subset of adaptive technologies. Therefore, it’s helpful to make sure all parties involved are using the same terminology when talking about site implementation. Understanding the key differences between responsive and adaptive design will keep everyone on the same page and help you select the best approach for your project.


5 Things Web Designers are Afraid of but Shouldn’t Be

Unless your job as a designer requires you to wear multiple hats, it can be easy to become content in doing only what you’re an expert in. You’re comfortable with your process and feel at home in Photoshop, HTML & CSS. A master of one is better than an novice of many, right? Maybe not. I’m not suggesting that you spread yourself thin and learn anything and everything related to the web. Just that you get out of your comfort zone and become familiar with these 5 things web designers like you are typically afraid of.


50 Cool Web Design Showcases of 2013

The usage of the great universe of the internet is now becoming the necessity of life, particularly those people who are linked to the up to date technological advancements of the globe. All of us are well familiar with the open truth that this virtually created online world is composed of large numbers of web pages which is generated because of the exclusive working of the creative web developers who are doing their job at every moment passing. For the perfect completion of the professional designers valuable projects, they are in a need of some sort of web design that must be only one of its kind, useful and just according to the demand of their web based assignments for taking helpful inspiration. When you search the great world of the internet in this regard, you will come to know that most of the web design showcase available over there is a genetic copy of each other and cannot be utilized for the intention of generating the unique web project that have the ability to grab the attention of the visitor in their very first glance.


40+ Best HTML Wedding Events & Invitation Web Templates

A wedding is the special event for everyone where friends and family are united in marriage. If you’re getting married, then we have 40+ best HTML wedding events and invitation web templates. By using thesewedding html templates, you can share your wedding events with your friends and family, also these html wedding invitation templates can be used to invite your friends. With these designs you can create your own wedding website in a minute. So, create your personal wedding websites easily with these wedding website templates.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 2.06.06 PM

10 Admin Panel Templates Worth Having for Websites & Apps

Admin panel templates is one of the first steps in a web or mobile application development process. Although it can be an option that you create the admin panel all by yourself. However, if you want to save time, money and resources, then admin panel templates can be a good option. The best thing about these templates is that they come with a bundle of helpful features without being too heavy on your budget. For today’s post, we present 10 Admin Panel Templates Worth Having for Websites & Apps. All these admin panel templates are responsive, simple and user-friendly.thumb

Understanding Responsive Web Design to Better Serve Website Visitors

Google sent designers and developers alike scrambling when it recommended using “responsive web design” in June 2012. That forced many companies to seek out mobile solutions after Google said it would eventually stop showing web pages that directed users to a different page while using a mobile device. In other words, as the social media blog Soshable points out, Google wants people to have access to sites from any device, mobile or otherwise. Since then, “responsive web design” has been the latest buzz word in the design world, and scores of companies are trying to convert their sites to adhere to Google’s recommendations. But what does responsive web design really mean? Here’s a brief overview.


Boost Your Conversion With 20 Powerful Landing Page Templates

It is necessary that you properly manage to convert your traffic, if you have started your business around online leads or online customers. Of course, Landing page templates are the good choice to get interests from loyal customers. If you have successfully created a landing page template, then better optimzation can drive more users to your online business. Landing pages are the way to directly affect your sales. So, you landing page template should be perfect and need to be on top of this. Ready made or pre-designed landing page templates are the best options for you to grab thousands of customers to your website. Following is the list of 20 Powerful Landing Page Templates. Try these out.


10 Proven Ways to Build Websites that Customers will Love

While it can be a tough balance to achieve, creating a functional, streamlined and well designed website is well worth the effort. Fortunately, improving your customers’ experience with your site coincides with improving your bottom line. One study even revealed that a website’s design is most likely to affect its presumed trustworthiness—not the content that lies within. Today, we’ll look at some proven strategies for building a website that customers will love to use … and buy from. Let’s get started!


20 Best Examples of Flat Web Design

As graphic designers play around with the very idea of flat web design, they are heading towards some interesting new concepts for how to better organize and present information on a web page. Focusing on minimal design, simple colors and elegance as watch words, designers around world are trying their best to walk with trends. So come, let’s get flat on these best examples flat web design this season!


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