Making a photograph of a person look amazing adds an extra dimension of professionalism to your design. These photoshop body enhancement tutorials will help you transform your people pictures to stunning models in next to no time. Most techniques involve similar use of the photoshop tools.

Inspiration and Full Makeover Tutorials

Digital Cosmetic Surgery

This complete transformation is explained in simple steps.

Enhacement Examples

Video showing virtual make overs on lots of different subjects.


Changing Eye Color

Change the color of a the eye something more appealling.

Making Seductive Eyes

This finishing effect can be used around the eyes once other eye touch ups are complete to make the person look sultry using shadows.

Red Eye Removal

Shows how to move from normal red eye removal to non distructive red eye removal.

Apply Eye Makeup

Apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

Non Destructive Eye Color Changing

This technique is flexible using a mask and a hue and saturation adjustment layer.

Brightening The Eyes

Brighting the eyes is a quick and easy way to make your subject stand out.

Removing Dark Circles

Removing dark circles around the eyes makes the subject look younger and less tired.

Body Adjustments

Facial Weight Loss

Trim off unwanted facial fat using this simple technique.

Waist Fat Removal

Get rid of those love handles!

Breast Enlargement

Body Thinning

Slimming an already very slim model.

Removal of Cellulite

How to transform orange peel cellulite skin to smooth young looking skin.

Making People Pop From The Page

Brings the model out of the background for a stunning effect.


Making Noses Smaller

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a smaller nose?

Nose Job

Comprehensive digital nose job in photoshop.


Brighten Up Teeth

Brighten teeth using a brightness and contrast adjustment layer to make the fundamental change.

Whiten Teeth

Whiter teeth using a hue/saturation adjustment layer, a brush and a layer mask.

Whitening Teeth and Eyes

Two different methods to whiten the teeth and eyes.

Fingernail and Hands

Making fingernails longer

How to extend the length of finger nails.

Changing Nail Color and Length

Change color of the finger nails and increase the length.

Hair – Virtual Hairdressing

Changing Hair Color

Turn hair into a striking feature.

Making Hair Shine

Make hair shine using an exclusion layer.

Making Grey Hair

Turn your hair grey!

Swapping Hair Styles

A fun way to change the hair style of one model onto another.

From Brunette To Blonde (Video)

This video shows how to change from brunette to blonde.

Removing Hair Roots

Touching out hair roots using the clone stamp tool in blend mode.

Body Piercings and Tattoos

Adding Body Piercings

Add rings to eyebrows and noses.

Removing Tattoos

Remove unsightly tattoos or blemishes so that the skin is clean and flawless.

Apply a Realistic Tattoo

Excellent 8 step method to add a tattoo for a really professional effect.

Adding Tattoos

Fun method to add tattoos to models.

Body Hair

Removing Arm Hair
Adding Beards and Stubble

Reducing Stubble

Clean shave your model and get rid of his stubble. Also a technique to get rid of shadows on the face.

Face Enhancement

Applying Make Up

Apply lip stick and eye shadow.

Face Changing Tutorial

This video explains how to change the shape of nose, chin and lips.

Skin Tone Setting

Tonal color correction explained in photoshop by video.

Improving The Face Using Symmetry

A really effective technique that makes the face perfectly balanced.

Skin Effects

Removing Freckles

Remove freckles and other skin blemishes using gaussian blur and history brush.

Remove Blemishes

A video tutorial similar to the above example.

Add a Romantic Glow

Create a romantic glow around a the models face.

How to Get Perfect Skin

Use the smudge tool to remove wrinkles.

Removing Wrinkles
Retouching Skin
Removing Tan Lines

Get rid of tan lines for that all over tanned look.

Boosting Color To Make People Look Healthly

This simple color boost brings the model to life.

Fast and Easy Facial Retouching

Touch up the fast quickly.

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    Not to rain on the parade but a few of these tutorials have very unrealistic looking results. Like “Improving The Face Using Symmetry”, the photo on the right obviously looks off. “Waist Fat Removal” is another odd one where the whole thing is basically saying cover up the fat and add some shadow to what’s left. I can’t imagine how this would make the photo look like anything other than a person with part of their torso cut off.

    Some were good but there’s some really obvious misses here. Maybe something a little less overzealous like 25+ tutorials would have been better.I get the distinct sense that you were just trying to fill this post up with as many tutorials as you could find regardless of their quality.

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  • dreadPirateRoberts

    I agree with Steve – most of these tutorials are far from excellent. I enjoy your blog, but I also think some of your posts are filled with too many tutorials, brushes, etc. and quality gets thrown out the window.

  • tim

    @Steve & @dreadPirateRoberts – thanks for the feedback, comments noted. We’ll strive to improve for the next post.

  • Mr Kuzio

    “How to get perfect skin”

    It’s great!

  • Joe

    awww you guys ripping on that poor little baby :( Ok Ok, my co-worker and I were laughing our asses off too but — awww :( Poor kid.

  • Postcard Printing | PrintPlace

    This was an informative post, but is it sad or good that we can alter people so much in Photoshop? Stuff like this takes away what’s real in the world, but then again, no one wants to look at ugly – right? It’s no wonder so many women and girls have eating disorders when they look at photos that have had the fat cut, but no one is brave enough to say it’s been cut.

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    Very nice tutorial. There is one effect I do not see here (although Ihave not looked through it all yet) and that is making the eyes bigger. You can see the effect in the “Dove Evolution” video on YouTube. I have used that with great success and it is pretty easy.

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    Brilliant idea relating them all to cosmetic surgery.. I think more people should get photoshopped before they go in and have work done.. just to see if they really want to change the way they naturally look. Great post.

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  • Scrodo Baggins

    With the face symmetry it looks as if you turned them into Sloth’s daughter. And how did that kid get a black eye to begin with? Hmmm, I think you may have went too far with your research, sir.


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  • TimeBlogger

    I don’t like this pictures with baby. I hope that it was Photoshop.

  • Heather

    Regarding the face symmetry…one side of a human face is quite different than the other – try it with any photograph by covering up one side, and then doing the same on the other, and compare in your mind the subtle yet detectable differences. At a glance, it seems as though the face is symmetrical, and therefore it is understandable that a Photoshop technique exists to just copy paste and flip the eye to the other side of the face. However, there is something eerie and somewhat unnatural about the child who was treated in Photoshop. It is an interesting experiment into the way we perceive things, and then again the way things actually are.

  • Ed

    Why do you think the “before” picture needs that much adjustment?
    You’ve taken away all natural beauty and personality in that woman’s picture, and made it into a cookie-cutter picture of an unattainable ideal. 99% of people wouldn’t even recognize that woman from the second picture.
    I’m surprised you left the hair brunette with loose wisps…

  • a

    Some are interesting but what’s wrong with the baby?

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    As helpful as the tutorials are, I don’t see how the symmetry tut is “a really effective technique that makes the face perfectly balanced.” That’s not what I see there. If anything, the end result reminds me of that weird deformed guy from The Goonies. I laughed pretty hard at the end result and harder at the comments above.

    All in all, good collection of tuts.

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