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  • chris wilcox

    Good stuff! Timely for me, as I’ve been refining my logo design process lately.

    (Pssst! Apostrophes aren’t generally used for pluralization. “Typography & Color Combination’s”)

  • http://www.fivefingercoding.com Chet Garrison

    Great article!

    For me logo design can either be quick or time consuming. You’ll know when you have a good design. Branding is the most important aspect of any company, so I like to exhaust every idea I can before I show a client.

    Whether it’s a name or an icon, the simpler it is the more memorable it will be. If you can brand yourself with an icon, like twitter’s blue bird for example, there’s a good chance people will remember it. We tend to forget company names but not their colors or icons for some reason. Today most Large corporations like you mentioned above have switched to their icons and have dropped the names. So even the big boys agree, the simpler the better.

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  • Holly K

    Do you ever search through the USPTO for similar trademarked designs before submitting your designs to a client?

  • http://freedesignlogo.com Free Design Logo

    Nice tips on designing a logo. I will apply this on my Free Design Logo project.

  • http://donelliott.us/ Don Elliott

    Nice article. I find manipulating the size is very useful in the conception phase. For me the hardest part in logo design is choosing a path to go down! There are so many ways to go with any given logo…


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  • http://www.industrialbrand.com Mark Busse

    Decent advice for rookie graphic designers, but I’d recommend getting a copywriter to proofread your article before posting. There are so many writing errors in this article that, for me, it lost all credibility.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Mike B

    Thanks for the pointers. All good things to take in to consideration. I think designing a logo is one of the trickiest things as a graphic designer. Particularly finding an image that represents the whole of a company and gives a message about what the company is about and its hopes and aims.

  • http://twitter.com/designiac designiac

    I always like papers of of logo sketches. Its’ cool the see the different ideas and the design process.

  • http://www.freesocialicons.com/ Social Icons

    Awesome logo design guide they should make students read this in school! Thanks

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  • http://logoworks.com Clayton Shumway

    Great article. I can’t ever stress enough…designing a logo from scratch takes research! And forget about the fluff, a clean and simple logo not only looks better but is much more effective.

  • http://www.fuelyourapps.com chad engle

    “As design trends evolve on a constant basis, it’s become more difficult to create recognizable logo’s such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds, and Nike anymore.”

    I think Pepsi is the only one in there that has changed a ton but you still know its Pepsi… (even though the new mark is garbage)

    Nike – still the swoosh as it has been very recognizable.

    McDonalds – Golden Arch, even though it has changed a bit its still McDonalds through and through.

    Coca Cola – As discussed here (along with pepsi) http://bit.ly/3c8P0 has changed but in my time ’87-’09 hasn’t changed enough to loose its brand recognition.

    Aside from that comment I think the post was worthwhile and had good content. I know what you were going for in that comment but, not quite hitting home.

  • http://www.firebubble.co.uk Shane

    Nice Post, great tips for designing a logo.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  • http://bit.ly/2Z6fwg Heysenberg

    Congratulations for the great blog dude… Btw, have you tried this for logo creation?

  • http://www.sblgraphics.com/logo-design_services.aspx business logo design

    Great points.
    This is very useful.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  • http://www.mauriclick.com mauritius holidays

    thanks for the design tips about logo design.

  • http://www.newportbeachhouses.biz/ newport beach houses

    Nice reference before designing a logo. A good logo needs lots of thinking and work.