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Vector art doesn't have to be difficult or even time consuming, quite often you will find that the simplest of designs and ideas will make the biggest impression.
The tutorials below show that with a little learning and a smidge of creativity you can create simple yet impressive vector art in a no time at all.

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Choosing the perfect font can be one of the most difficult aspects of design. You will probably use one font for the logo, another for the headings and yet another for the content. And on top of that each design you create will have its own character and the font you choose will need to compliment it. Just how do you find that perfect font for that particular design?
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Getting to know your client is an important part of determining if you’re a right fit for the project. Not only that, but you should always ask questions before-hand to compile information that you will later use to accurately design a website or logo for them. If you quote a client for a project without knowing what it truly entails, then you’re setting yourself up for the possibility of loosing valuable time and money. Continue Reading →