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The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at christmas resources, the difference between a web designer and a web developer, why you should’t rely on Photoshop when designing a website, Free UI elements, Modern Fonts and much more.

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For designers color is perhaps one of the most important aspects of web design, some might find it a bit intimidating, some might simply go over the top with color while others just use a horrible mishmash of color that makes no sense. Check out this article for five of the most common mistakes web designers make when it comes to color choice.

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Over the past few years more and more web designers have tried to create a very individual web design, often the designers will use everyday objects as a part of their design. When used in the correct way such elements can help give a website a more personal note, as well as help communicate the content in a great and memorable way.

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Those involved in the web design process knows that this is one of the most important elements for the success of a website. It is not secret that designing a good website takes time and dedication. While most designers handle the task well, there are still a lot of designers making simple mistakes that can easily be avoided. Here is a collection of the 10 biggest mistakes that should be avoided when designing a website.

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In this post we’ll analyze a variety of useful techniques that will allow us to tone map an image for future print or web design projects.

You probably have your own way to color correct and alter the tone of an image in your preferred application, but there’s a huge reason why you should know more about gradient mapping: it’s cross compatible between applications and operating systems. If you understand the basic principle, you can use it in Photoshop, Gimp, Pixelmator and all other applications on Mac OSX, Windows or Linux. It’s a powerful technique also in video editing systems and generally where you want to alter the colors of an image. Continue Reading →

It is always surprising how many fresh, innovative and always useful tools and resources appear from week-to-week from within the web design community. In this weeks design news round-up we take a look at four more cool and free new apps that may help you with your next web project. Continue Reading →

Whether you design for the web or print there is one key design tool that you should have in your design toolbox, and that is good and reliable color scheme tool… But which one? This was a question that was asked this week on Answers. We received a number of good answers and recommendations to a lot of great tools, but still felt we should open it up to the regular readers of Design Reviver. So here you have it: “What is the best color scheme tool?”

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Have you ever visited a site that sells themes and allows you to easily switch between them within a fraction of a second? Most of have, and we can agree that this makes switching between these much quicker and easier. The cool thing about ThemeSwitchers is that any website with a similar function (i.e. switching between color swatches from an online color app) can utilize them through the power of jQuery. Continue Reading →

You will probably have your own traditional methods for finding useful design information and resources, but you can’t beat studying a well crafted and creative info-graphic, and if it teaches you something interesting or if it is helpful and insightful in any way, then its even better.
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Color is the integral element with design. It can bring a bland idea to life, it can revitalize a boring and dreary web site and can bring lifeless art to, well, life. Why is it so powerful? Because different colors can invoke different emotions with different people, thus altering our perception of how we see art. Continue Reading →

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