In the modern world of design and development, dealings with your clients are somewhat akin to romantic relationships. For one, both sides expect a certain level of standard and class from each other. Both are prepared to give, and both want to achieve something in that relationship. Second, just like when you’re on a date, your relationships with clients are governed by a set of largely unspoken rules, the strict adherence to which will define what the outcome of the date will be, and how long the relationship is going to last. And finally, for the union to be pleasant and lasting, the relationship needs to be more or less equal in terms of bargaining power. Continue Reading →

There are no clear and defined skill-sets a developer should have to build a web site, with so many different technological possibilities it can be difficult deciding which to focus on. A question on this subject was recently asked on Answers, so, what skills do you think a front-end developer should have?

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HTML5 is gathering more and more momentum, and is looking very likely to be, in the near future, the language of choice for developers, replacing Flash. As such, in todays news round-up we focus on some fresh HTML5 resources, articles and tutorials for you to enjoy. Continue Reading →

This Photoshop tutorial will include the use of the 3D software – Daz3d that you can download for free at This great easy-to-use 3d software which also has been doubles as a virtual photo studio is a 98 MB file. I opted for Daz3d because it offered to me the option to manipulate the posture of the models I used in any form. This is great if you have a limited gallery of stock images or you can’t find a model with the exact posture, lighting, body weight or skin color you looking for.

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Today’s news is a refreshing look at some of the most recent jQuery tutorials and techniques. Accompanied with the recent popularity of CSS3, some of these new techniques are groundbreaking and others simply take a fresh look at older design techniques.

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Effectively communicating with your client is not only an integral part of your relationship but one that’s vital. It will also aim to help you understand tasks, projects, and the needs at hand. Without proper communication between you and your client chaos will likely have its way and several unfinished projects would be the norm. As humans we thrive on communication, it’s a necessarily and an important part of our everyday lives. Now imagine how things would be if there was wasn’t any viable flow of communication with your clients? Nothing pretty. Continue Reading →

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