Creating organized data tables in modern web design requires that an individual have more than a rudimentary knowledge of the old table formats. In order to create an effective table, it is important that the information be compelling, interesting, and data driven without being overwhelming or burdensome to the reader. There are many different schools of thought on what makes a table effective, but the most important aspect of table creation for a designer is to know the audience and market that will be reading the table. Continue Reading →

In today’s news round-up we have collected some of the best and freshest jQuery resources. You’ll find some useful and powerful plugins, as well as an update of the jQuery Visual cheat sheet from woorkup and there is also a very detailed and comprehensive online jQuery training manual, that is called jQuery Fundamentals.

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Infographics have been around for decades. They’ve allowed us to convert data into a visual structure making it easier for everyone to read and understand the information being conveyed. Infographics have radically impacted the way we display content to the point that it simplifies the entire process of data comprehension. Without these visually enticing structures we would have a harder time deciphering complex information. Continue Reading →

In today’s news round-up we have two free large sets of beautifully crafted mini pixel icon-sets designed especially for web designers.
The first set (the spirit20 icon-set) has well over 500 icons for your every possible design requirement and the second set, Boolean, consists of 100 icons, all presented in a highly unique way. You’ll love them both!

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When you develop a website that you want to nurse well into its successful stages you can’t help but to wonder “how well your web site’s evolving”. Is it reaching a new peak every month? How many more visitors are arriving on a weekly basis? Is there any actual growth on all aspects? These are just a few of the questions asked by most individuals who build and develop their own websites. Continue Reading →

Graphs and charts are a great way to break down the information at hand to the user in a descriptive and visually enticing manner. These visual structures allow you to easily simplify complex data and output easier to understand content. Everyone can use a graph or chart, however, not everyone has the right tools to create an effective one.

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