Whether you design for the web or print there is one key design tool that you should have in your design toolbox, and that is good and reliable color scheme tool… But which one? This was a question that was asked this week on Answers. We received a number of good answers and recommendations to a lot of great tools, but still felt we should open it up to the regular readers of Design Reviver. So here you have it: “What is the best color scheme tool?”

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High quality photo effects are not only reserved for professionals or tech-savvy image editing specialists, they can be achieved by anyone, as today’s design news demonstrates. We have collected four recent photo editing tutorials that can be easily followed and achieved by anyone with a digital camera and a desire to give a little bit of coolness and professionalism to there shots.

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Cross-browser compatibility is something that can’t be overlooked in this day and age. The fact that your website could be viewed one way in Firefox and a completely different way in another browser like Safari can be a stressful thing to cope with. Being able to create and build websites that not only look but function the way their supposed to in multiple browsers isn’t a walk in the park. Continue Reading →

Icons are one of the most sought after design elements within web design, and the great thing is there is no shortage of new and creative icon sets that are freely released for general consumption and satisfy our design appetite. In today’s news round-up we have collected five fresh icon-sets specifically designed for web designers, developers and bloggers.

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No matter how hard we try, we always seem to forget to secure certain aspects of our scripts, whether be it an input field or data being inserted into a database. It would definitely be nice to fall back on security precautions that we implement into our scripts whether or not we have sanitized everything needed. Here are some tips and coding styles to achieve just that. Continue Reading →

As web designers we may at times take for granted the knowledge and experience we have built up over the years, and its often easy to forget about, especially when you are just starting out, that there are many basic questions, that may not crop up very often, but still need to be asked and they certainly need to be answered.
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When I was first introduced to CSS, my mind exploded with possibilities that CSS created, which lead to thoughts of what it could provide me as a web designer. CSS provided the bridge between web designers and web developers. We have all seen situations where a developer created almost the perfect website, yet it didn’t have the appeal that a good front end designer could present. Now with CSS, you could have both in a seamless creation of perfection. Continue Reading →

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