There are many techniques in CSS to achieve certain results in different ways, CSS sprites being one of them. CSS sprites is a technique used where you can have a large single image containing a set of images that can be broken down using CSS to separate the image into multiple.

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The basis for this weeks Answers reader discussion is essentially a chance to share what you feel are the best graphic design standards for an inhouse design agency.

What do you think? Is there set standards and guidelines for graphic designers in inhouse agencies? You can leave your comment below, or you can leave your answer on the original question on here: What are the best standards and guidelines for graphic designers who work for inhouse design agencies?

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There are not many iconsets that can match the quality nor the quantity of icons that we feature in todays design news roundup. The first set, released this week by WPZOOM, has over 500 icons for every social network service you could possibly think of. And the second set, also released this week, has over 170 crafted icons perfect for web design brought to you by WooTheme.

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A major problem with many new websites today is that their content is geared toward a different topic from what their site initially started up as. For example, let us say a website starts up geared toward gadgets and technology reviews. For the first few months, you are getting exactly what you came for, technology and gadget reviews. Continue Reading →

For todays news we have four fresh-out-of-the-oven web apps and resources that we think will simply blow your socks off. There are a couple of HTML5 tools which have taken the design community by storm this past week, there is also a new jQery framework for smartphones and tablets and, last but not least, the coolest web-based digital drawing app you would have seen in a long time.

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This tutorial was inspired by a 3D rendered version of the Google Android logo that I came across. So, I decided to try out achieving relativity the same result with Photoshop – CS 2 to be precised. And the final image was outstanding to say the least. The interplay of light and shadows are key for a near-realistic result for a traditionally 2D program as Photoshop.

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Our topic for today’s Design Reviver Answers news round-up is a question that was recently asked on PHP. And to be more specific the question was How Do I Show Different Content to Visitors From a Specific Country Using PHP?

Do you have an alternative solution, maybe a fresher technique? You can leave your comment below, or you can leave a your answer on the original question on Answers here

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There really is no limit to what can be achieved with jQuery. And when it is in the right hands those limits are challenged all the time, constantly pushing back its seemingly endless boundaries by developing fresh and creative techniques. In this design news round-up we have collected our favorite recent jQuery tutorials.

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