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For designers color is perhaps one of the most important aspects of web design, some might find it a bit intimidating, some might simply go over the top with color while others just use a horrible mishmash of color that makes no sense. Check out this article for five of the most common mistakes web designers make when it comes to color choice.

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Looking for the right tools for the right job? Designers are always looking to add to their artistic toolbox because you never know exactly what that next job will want from you. Sure, you can wait until it arrives and then scramble like mad to find the proper resources you need. Or you can start building a library of gradients, textures, vectors and more right now. In fact, with this Mighty Deal, you can do it all in one shot by getting 15,000 Top Quality Design Resources from GFXToolkit.normally sold for $99, but just $47 today! Continue Reading →

When it comes to online marketing one of the most used forms is Email marketing. The purpose behind email marketing is often to get a message across, whether this be to promote an offer, serve targeted advertisements or initiate deals. Email marketing is a great way to improve your brand image as well as knowledge of your services.

Often many designers make simple mistakes when creating an email, provided here are 10 tips to create better email designs.

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Remember those vintage types you came across the other day? And the day before? That’s trending at the moment in what looks like the revival of a retro-20s-60s style in graphic design. Some might even say it goes up to the 80s. How time passes… Take the vintage letterpress, one of the most popular types in the vintage collection. It has conquered both the print and the web design. Continue Reading →

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at how you can implement Responsive Web Design, four things media companies must do in 2013, different design elements to optimize your blog, as well as how you can make sure your animations are triggering at the right time.

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Usability and User Experience are two things you may not normally think about when building a website. But you should. Learning the patterns and techniques that appeal to users and enhance their experience can make a huge difference in the success of your site. With this Usability and UX for Web Design bundle of eBooks from Smashing Magazine, you’ll be fully armed to best tailor your website for users. Each of these six high-quality eBooks are provided in three DRM-free file formats: PDF, ePUB, and Mobipocket. So you can enjoy reading them on any of your favorite devices. Continue Reading →

Over the past few years more and more web designers have tried to create a very individual web design, often the designers will use everyday objects as a part of their design. When used in the correct way such elements can help give a website a more personal note, as well as help communicate the content in a great and memorable way.

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