There has been a growing tidal wave of flat designed icon sets on the web, and recent trend reports have confirmed that they’re only increasing in popularity. Everyone seems to be designing flat icons sets, but its hard to find ones of quality. I have spent the time to go through hundreds of icons sets to find you the 10 must have flat icon sets. Enjoy!

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This week is all about food, Monday we showed you that food can also be beautiful art, today we have compiled 16 amazing food inspired web designs. Even though the taste of the food doesn’t transform onto a website your web design should still look appealing otherwise people will never decide to visit your restaurant. We hope you will enjoy these websites as much as we did.

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As web designers we know there is nothing more important than making sure our website doesn’t look outdated, there is nothing worse than a website that looks like it was built way back in the late 1990s. We have taking some time to find the 10 most popular websites of today and found the original design of the site.  As you can see below a lot has changed since the beginnings of the internet.


One thing that often characterizes web designers is the fact that we tend to enjoy working alone, sometimes it is just better to do things by yourself, that way you know there is only one person to blame if things to wrong. Sometimes however there is just no way around working in a team, perhaps the project is so big that you need to work in a team or the client has decided to hire several designers, whatever the reason working in a team can either be a joy or it can be like having teeth pulled out. In this article we will provide you with some tips for working better as a team. Continue Reading →

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