Picture your finished custom wordpress theme live on your server, completely unique and fresh. By the time you have finished reading the resources in this post that scenario will be a reality. People love custom themes, they make a blog come to life with a personality of its own. It’s no secret that they’ll reward it you for it through links, subscriptions and bookmarks.

Theme Design Lessons

How To Create A WordPress Theme From Scratch

Good walk through in detail on creation of themes.

The 5 Minute Theme

Fast way of making simple a simple wp theme.

Turn Any Web Template Into a Theme

This flash tutorial shows how to turn any web page into a wordpress theme. The flash movie is pretty distorted but gives a good idea of what can be achieved.

Mocking Up a Theme In Photoshop

A bit of self promotion! This tutorial shows how to mock up a modern theme in photoshop.

16 Lessons On Theme Creation

Covers all bases in detail, really comprehensive lessons on all aspects of WordPress theme creation from header to footer!

4 Step Theme Design Guide

Part 1 – Pulling it apart; Part 2 – Complete design, header, and footer; Part 3 – The sidebar; Part 4 – The content.

Basic Intoduction To Themes

Good post breaking down how the themes work for those new to WordPress.

Offical WordPress Documentation

The WordPress.org Codex with theme design documentation.

WordPress Templates For Redesign

Premium Theme Design with Thesis

Want a head start in your new theme design? Thesis will cost you $87 but it been typeset extremely well and is simple to customise the design for stunning results quickly. You’ll save the purchase price in design time with Thesis. (disclosure: URL contains our affiliate tracker)

Create Flexible Themes

Free to use selection of WordPress themes, good for customization.

100 Free Templates

Helpful Software and Cheats

Theme Editor For Dreamweaver

Now when you open a wordpress theme in Dreamweaver the whole thing is visable – legend.


We Love WP!

Showcase of WordPress powered websites.

Ready Made Swatches

Great selection of swatch and color scheme ready to choose from.

CSS Galleries

Go to the bottom of this post for links to lots of CSS galleries for design inspiration.


Free Stock Images

381k free images, an awesome free collection.

Creative Commons Images at Flickr

50 million plus creative commons images for use, make sure to check the iicences for usage permissions.

Basic Theme Creator

Basic online theme design tool, change the element color in real time then save your theme.

More Theme Resouces

40 more resource links for WordPress theme design.

Free Social Icons

Free social icons to use on your blog.

Validation and Testing

w3c Validation Service

Well know and classic, but worth a mention.

Cross Browser Checking

View screenshots of your finished theme in all the browsers.

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    I’m not sure if I glossed over but by far the most helpful tutorial that got my WP skills moving was by Chris Coyier at CSS-Tricks. He has a three part screencast that is fantastic – first one I actually committed and stuck with and I learned a ton.

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