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  • http://www.faridhadi.com Farid Hadi

    I like the Edge and 365 Design logos. The Jazz Castle logo is also nice but I feel the saxophone is ruining it. Thanks for the round-up.

  • http://www.adriancrellin.co.uk Adrian

    Nice logos! I’m looking to develop my personal logo at the moment and this has given me food for thought. Thanks :)

  • http://axzm.com Dallas SEO Web Design

    Some really good inspiration here. Thanks!

  • http://www.CreareDesign.co.uk Vikesh Patel

    Really helpful post.
    It’s interesting to see how even the more creatively designed logos are based primarily around text, with minimal imagery.
    I like the ambigram logos in particular, but have found them very difficult to create well.
    When I design logos I normally begin gathering research, and then sketch out designs as I find this is the best and most creative way to produce logos.

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  • http://www.levelsevenltd.com web designer lagos

    OMG!!! Couldn’t applauding these designs! Especially the first one!

    [continues clapping]

  • http://bt.ma oussama larhmich

    hello thinks for this pic :)

  • http://www.spiralteck.com webb


  • http://www.balancecreative.co.uk Andy Balance Web Designer

    Chatsip – great logo!