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Can You Redesign an Existing Logo?

May 15, 2013 • By

Every company has some type of logo that they used to identify themselves to their customers. This logo could be brand new or decades old. Business owners occasionally feel the urge to change their logo. However, is it possible to redesign an existing logo? Is the urge to do so for an important reason and may it be done without damaging your company’s reputation or existing business?

Reasons to Change a Logo


Often in the life span of a business, especially one that has been around for a long time, the need arises to reposition the company in its chosen industry. A brand is simply someone’s impression of a company. If the business is know for refined elegance, it will be nearly impossible to implement a budget or low price strategy successfully. Over the course of years, or decades, a company’s focus may shift. In shifting, the company then needs to portray a different image, tell a different story to its audience. At this point it is time to rebrand (and please note that rebranding experts are different than simple brand experts) and it is appropriate to redesign your logo to match with your new branding strategies.


It pays to do your research before designing your logo or naming your business. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to be completely thorough and occasionally it happens that two different companies attempt to trademark the same name or design a similar logo. If this happens, and you are unfortunate enough to be the newer company – it may be required that you change your logo to something completely different.


From decade to decade, styles come and go. A great logo design can withstand the ages, but even brilliant designs will in time need to be updated. To modernize a logo does not necessarily mean to completely change it. It merely may need some minor adjusting to match up with the current times.


Mergers and acquisitions happen all the time. When two companies are combined, the question of whether to completely join the two companies comes up. Some companies choose to continue on as if nothing as changed but the management. Others dissolve one company under the new one instead. Occasionally, a rebranding is needed to combine the two companies so that both are instantly recognizable but are part of the same thing. This can be tricky but is possible.


When a company first starts out it is easy for them to design a logo that appeals to them for various reasons. Unfortunately, the outcome of that design is sometimes confusing to the target audience. It is the style lately to get rid of taglines and slogans in a logo and to really focus on an image that will stand out to your customers. A simplified logo can be stronger and more easily noticeable than a complicated one.

Jump Start

If a company has begun to lose customers or their numbers are gradually diminishing, instead of giving up hope a jump kick to the business might just change things around. If you can change your brand, or the public’s perception of you, it is easy to start being successful again. This is a fantastic time to redesign your logo.

Reasons Not to Change a Logo

Boredom or Restlessness

If a business owner or marketing department suddenly gets the urge to change or update their logo and have no valid reason to do so, don’t allow it. A logo is the image of your company and should not be traded out or changed at will. While a logo redesign can be a great thing, there needs to be a great reason to do it. Logo redesigns are confusing for customers. Customers loyal to your company will also be surprisingly loyal to its brand image. If you cannot convince the public of the need to rebrand you may find yourself losing dedicated customers unnecessarily.


If your business is currently successful and making good profit, then there is really no need to change your logo design just because you can afford to do so. That money is better invested in staying on top of industry trends or ahead of current developments so that your company can stay on top.


Most importantly, however, is to do a test run of the new design. While you do not want to broadcast your new logo before it is finalized, it is important to have it looked at by various groups of people. Images and symbols means different things to different audiences and sometimes can hold an unintentional message unwittingly. Be certain the impression you are going for with your new logo design is what customers are receiving when they view it. It is easier to edit and change the logo before launch than it is to make changes after you have put all of your company behind it.


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