As a web designer you must stay up-to-date with trends and techniques. A good way to do so is to subscribe to web design blogs and get updates regularly. In the following list, you will find some great web design blogs that publish showcases, techniques, tutorials, resources and in-depth articles. If it is your first visit on Design Reviver, I suggest that you also subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed.

1. A List Apart

A List Apart screenshot

2. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine screenshot

3. ColourLovers blog

Colour Lovers screenshot

4. SitePoint web design blog

Sitepoint screenshot

5. DevLounge

Devlounge screenshot

6. Noupe

Noupe screenshot

7. We Function

We Function screenshot

8. Six Revisions

Six Revisions screenshot

9. NetTuts

NetTuts screenshot

10. Woork

Woork screenshot

11. SmashingApps

Smashing Apps screenshot

12. Web Designer Wall

Web Designer Wall screenshot

13. ShareBrain

Sharebrain screenshot

14. Vandelay Design Blog

Vandelay design screenshot

15. CSS Tricks

CSS tricks screenshot

16. Fuel Your Creativity

Fuel your creativity screenshot

17. Tutorial9

Tutorial9 screenshot

18. David Airey

David Airey's blog screenshot

19. Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger screenshot

20. Design Meltdown

Design Meltdown screenshot

21. Design Mag

Design Mag screenshot

22. BittBox

BittBox screenshot

23. CSS Vault blog

Screenshot CSS Vault

24. Design Shack

Design Shack screenshot

25. Apples to Oranges

Apples to Oranges screenshot

26. Unmatched style

Unmatched style screenshot

27. Mezzoblue

Mezzoblue screenshot

28. Stop Design

Stop Design screenshot

29. Boxes and arrows

Boxes and arrows screenshot

30. Ajaxian

Ajaxian screenshot

31. UX Booth

UX Booth

32. 24 Ways

24 Ways screenshot

33. The Design Cubicle

The Design Cubicle screenshot

34. Line 25

Line 25 screenshot

35. 1st webdesigner

1st webdesigner screenshot

36. The Design Superhero

handshake picture

37. Creattica Daily

Creattica Daily screenshot

38. My Ink Blog

My Ink blog screenshot

39. Webdesigner Depot

Webdesigner Depot screenshot

40. In the Woods

In The Woods screenshot

41. Creative Briefing

Creative Briefing screenshot

42. SpoonGraphics

Spoon Graphics screenshot

43. CSS Globe

CSS Globe screenshot

44. Brian Yerkes

Brian Yerkes blog screenshot

45. Stylized Web

Stylized Web screenshot

46. Colorburned

Colorburned screenshot

47. SimpleBits

Simplebits screenshot

48. From the Couch

From the Couch screenshot

49. Viget Inspire

Viget Inspire screenshot

50. SpeckyBoy

Specky boy screenshot

About the author: Mirko Humbert is a freelance designer from Switzerland. He shares his thoughts about his passion on his design blog. To connect with Mirko, you can follow him on Twitter.

  • CP

    Wow! Great compilation of sites, many of which I haven’t heard of. Thanks for putting all of this together.

  • Mike

    That’s right, cool list!

  • aravind

    Great list.
    Thanks a lot for featuring TheDesignSuperhero :)

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  • Steven Snell

    Thanks for including Vandelay Design and

  • Web Design Quote

    nice list…
    i am happy to visit your site and find list of quite good site at one place.

  • Callum Chapman

    Nice collection, thanks for this!

  • John

    Wow, that’s a lot of smart sites, and I’ve never seen most of them. 24 Ways is a great one someone showed me last year.

  • Luuk

    Wow! thanks a lot for this list.

  • Brian Hoff

    Thanks for including The Design Cubicle along side this other fantastic sites.

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  • Blog design Lab

    Great selection !!

  • Brian Yerkes

    Thanks very much for listing my site in this collection. Interesting to get to see all the screen shots lined up like that, fun to compare the formats, styles etc. Thanks again!

  • http::// Will

    Lovely collection. Thanks for this! :)

  • Sinan

    Many I follow and many I don’t. I think the list misses which is a great one.

    Thanks for this amazing post.

  • thomas

    thank you very much for having Sharebrain on this great list ! :)


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  • Dainis Graveris

    Too bad 1stwebdesigner didn’t get to this list, but I guess there are too much design related blogs already :) Thanks, I am subscribed already to all of these sites ;)

  • Dainis Graveris

    Sorry, my mistake searched for “1stweb” not “1st web” – -thanks! :)

  • Chris Green

    What an awesome list. I read about 7 of these regularly but had no idea there was so much quality design inspiration sites. Thanks.

  • Web Design tutorials

    Superb list!

    Designreviver just became my new home page. I love it!!

  • Karen

    I have a folder of bookmarks just for design inspiration and the list grows daily thanks to list like this. Great stuff. Thanks!

  • Gerard

    Excellent choices!! I would, however, love to hear your thinking about #27 “Mezzoblue”. It seems like a washed-out work in progress to me. But, maybe I’m missing something. Again, great selections!

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  • Chad

    Great list, hopefully Inspiredology can make it up there next time around.

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  • my special gifts

    Beautiful collections,…I love it!!!

  • Phil

    I’d recommend siteInspire for the best web design/CSS gallery…

    You should add it to the list!

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  • Jared

    A List Apart would have to the #1 wouldn’t it? I mean… next to design reviver, that is. ;)

  • Professional Web Design Company

    Fantastic collection thanks this would take me a week to have a good look through!!

  • Steve

    I now feel the need to design and put stuff together… Well worth a Tweet or Two.

  • gaus surahman

    Subscribing. Thanks for inspiring me.

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    Another very nice blog is

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    Few more sites bookmarked… Thank you … Great list.

  • Robert

    Wonderful collection, thanks!

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  • Yoga online

    I really like those retro web designs

  • Web Development India

    Nice Post, This web design blogs are more innovative.These site are useful for Web Designers keep on their Creativity. Keep it up.

    Thanks sharing

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  • Web Design Template

    Great design .. wonderful and inspirational too

  • chesapeake web design

    awesome selection…thanks for the share

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  • Gareth Coxon – Dot Design

    Very inspirational, I’ve only just found your blog but I’ll certainly be adding it to my rss reader

  • exmore pizza restaurant

    beautiful collection of designs here

  • Web Design Contest

    very inspirational blogs you have collected. It helped me in building my own site and post it in a contest running by and I have confident that I can get the prize for my design.

  • canvas art

    fantastic designs, thanks for sharing

  • qolik

    turkish web desing blog

    url shortener in best way :

  • marc

    This is a very good work. Very nice…

  • Divyesh Ardeshana

    very good collation here :)

  • Isle of Man Web Design – Adrian Crellin

    Wow, there are loads of blogs on this list that I haven’t came across before, so many to check out. One not on the list, that I have been very impressed with lately is:

    The tutorials on it are great and really easy to follow and the author Kevin is really quick to respond to comments.

    Worth checking out, thanks again.

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    Awesome !! Thank you.

  • Word Comparison

    Very Inspirable Designs. I Book marked this tutorial into my folder.

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    Selecting the best website design will definitely be critical to your success online. Although this is an amazing compilation, we must keep in mind some of the elements in choosing website designs. This includes its uniqueness, meaning different from what everyone else is using and avoiding overused ones; and an impressive design, eye-catching but not too distractive from your main content.

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