Logos express complex ideas and concepts with simplified illustrations and typefaces that communicate distinctively and effectively. They are one of the most difficult aspects of graphic design for this reason. Some logos are incredibly clever and effective while others are poorly made and fail to communicate.

Lets start with the great:

Jack in the box

The new logo for Jack In The Box is modern, fun, and quirky – just like their mascot (Jack). The brand extensions for the different types of sandwiches they offer are also fun. The only thing off about the new logo is the “in the box” text that just seems to be placed under the image as an afterthought. This project was designed by Duffy & partners.

Pyramid Beer

The redesign of the Pyramid Breweries Logo is simple and distinctive. The new logo places more emphasis on the geometric pyramid symbol. The type in the new logo is also much easier to read. The new simplified logo communicates boldness and distinctiveness. The new logo is also accompanied by several new and bold label designs.

Kentucky fried chicken

KFC has a nice refresh of their logo – The colonel has taken off his suit coat and put on an apron – like he’s ready to serve you. This version of the logo is much friendlier and inviting. The new angled backdrop to the logo also adds a nice dynamic feel and implies quickness – this isn’t a sit down restaurant! The only thing I don’t enjoy about this redesign is the integration of the type into the symbol. It feels like the type should be more of a separate element rather than attempting to integrate it with the illustration.

Detroit lions

While some may not like the logo – It seems like a step in the right direction. The old lions logo seemed flat and boring. The new re-worked illustration has more definition and defines the arms, legs, mane and face.


When Sprint merged with Nextel a few years back they underwent massive re-branding campaign. Nextel’s attention getting black and yellow color scheme was merged with The Sprint name. The new symbol is based on sprints signature ‘pin drop’. The switch to a nice sans serif typeface also does wonders for making the logo look modern. This logo really shines when the symbol is set in motion.


Paul Rand is probably rolling over in his grave over this redesign. UPS decided to re-brand themselves a few years ago (2003 to be exact). The new design feels much more modern and and clean. That being said I could do without the 3d effects. The logo was designed by New York-based FutureBrand.

Chicago Olympic Bid

While I was sad to see the brilliant Chicago torch logo go, the new version of the logo is just as brilliant. The new logo features warm gradients that represent the sunset and cool gradients that represent lake michigan. The star is a design element that is borrowed from the city flag and represents a compass pointing in all directions radiating out to the world. Overall I think this is a great redesign full of rich symbolism.

The Bahamas

After some extensive research I could not find the original Bahamas logo, but the design itself is amazing enough to mention. This identity is fresh, dynamic, fun and colorful – much like a vacation in the Bahamas. Read more about the logo at the Duffy & Partners blog.


I was unable to find the previous branding for Argentina. The new logo is part of an evolving and dynamic design system. The ribbons of the logo communicate passion, expressiveness and change. Designed by Guillermo Brea & Associates


Can you imagine designing a logo in just a few seconds (and 34 years of experience)? Paula Scher did just that in a client meeting with then named Travelers group insurance. The company was re-branding but wanted to maintain their distinctive umbrella symbol. This logo is simple and brilliant in the way it combines a simplified version of an umbrella and simplified type. Designed by Pentagram.

Delta Airlines

More of a realign than a redesign – this new delta logo is sharp! The colors in the new logo are more subdued and the choice of a all caps sans serif typeface makes the logo feel more modern. The new symbol also has a nice dimensional aspect to it without getting into cheesy 3d effects. Designed by Lippincott Mercer.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems updated their logo and name back in 2006. With the shortened name and the new simplified ‘bridge’ this logo is much more bold and memorable. Designed by Joe Finocchiaro and Jerry Kuyper.


The BP logo redesign takes a boring, static shield with initials and transforms it into a bright, colorful clean flower. This logo is an attempt to move the company in a completely new direction (or just reflect that in the image). Designed by Landor.


Gatorade is the only part of the Pepsi re-branding scheme that I actually enjoy. I love the new simplified G and lightning bolt. I’m also quite fond of the bulky slab serif font used on their packaging.


The eden/envato re-brand a logo update is refreshing and simple. I love that they kept some of the elements from the original logo and included them in the leaf. The original logo and named portrayed a sense of springing to life with creativity and this has been carried through to the new design. Designed by Collis Ta’eed.

Best Buy

Best Buy takes a step away from their large, chunky yellow price tag and ultra bold typeface for a more modern, less in your face logo. The new design still features the signature yellow tag – but in a much more subtle way.


The new swisscom logo is dynamic and simple at the same time. The new word mark includes a simple sans serif with curves on the I and the M that reflect the curvature in the mark. This logo really shines when it is set in motion and applied to packaging. Check it out here. Designed by Moving Brands.


Probably one Americas most well known logos – The NBC peacock logo is iconic. The simplistic and stylized illustration of the peacock with its head reversed out of one of the feathers is brilliant and distinctive.

Burger King

The new Burger king logo takes a dynamic spin on a classic logo. This new design takes some cues from food packaging that features white highlights. The logo retains part of the color scheme and includes a new yellow and blue.


The original Starbucks logo sported a wood cut type illustration of a siren from Greek mythology. Today the current incarnation of the logo is much more streamlined and and memorable.

And now the not so great:

Sierra Mist

The sierra mist design was not great before, but now its just a blurry mess. This is a far to literal interpretation of the brand.


The new Tropicana redesign has been almost universally rejected by designers and the customer base. This redesign was an attempt to make the brand appear simple and down to earth. In the end Tropicana went away from its signature iconic image: the orange with the straw in it – making it difficult for customers to spot the brand at the store.


The Wisconsin department of tourism decided to undergo a re-branding of their state in order to help attract visitors and display a positive image of the state. First off – the typeface is very strange. I’ve never seen a W or an N quite like that. The text is also warped to show a faux-3d effect. The effect is not taken far enough so it just makes the text look off. The man doing a cartwheel symbol is also cheesy. This logo could have been approached in an entirely different manner and been much more successful. I’m sure there were other more iconic aspects of the state of Wisconsin (cheese???) that could have been incorporated into this logo.


Walmart updated their corporate logo last year, transforming its identity from a 70’s looking heavy typeface to a much friendlier sans serif. I’ don’t mind the typeface update, but the orange star burst says nothing. Much like Kraft’s random-swooshy-flower thing – this new symbol for Walmart says nothing. Its too generic and looks like stock art. Walmart was trying to renew their image, but IMO they failed horribly.


The Kraft re-branding is wrong in so many ways. It is slightly reminiscent of several non descript-random-swooshy pharmaceutical logos I have seen time and time again. While the original logo may have not been stellar, it was a staple for such a long time that the decision to re-brand seems like it was made on a whim. Perhaps a refresh would have been a better option rather than a complete re-branding. This project was designed by a combined effort of consumers, employees, and Nitro Group.

Mountain Dew

The new ‘MTN DEW’ design is part of the pepsi re-brand. I’m not digging the text-message style rename or the ultra slanted and abstract illustrations on the new can.


This isn’t really a redesign at all, but I think this logo misses the mark a bit. The recovery of our economy is a complex process, but this logo could be simplified and unified. The Recovery.gov type gets lost in the detail of the logo. I think the type should be a separate element from the symbol.

London 2012

I have no doubt that hours of thought and hard work went into the design and research of this logo. The result however looks very amateurish and trendy. The shapes that make up the ‘2012’ aspect of the logo are almost illegible. The typeface that ‘london’ is set in reflects the edginess of the logo – but is still difficult to read.

Capitol One

Capitol one joins the army of nondescript swooshes in the vast sea of logos. (Look up any medical related logo and watch the swooshes abound!) I’m not sure what the swoosh means or what it does for the logo. The only thing I like about this logo is the addition of the red – it ads some contrast and character.


At first glance this logo looked vaguely familiar – distinctive X and a sphere. Looks sort of like the Xbox logo. I much preferred the older ‘pixilated’ version of the logo. It was so much more distinct.


While the last iteration of the Quark logo was less than original (see the scottish arts council logo, or the bahamas logo) – this new logo is just as generic. Faux bevel and emboss with a shiny metallic effect. Next Please.


I like the updated symbol of the ATT logo, but i don’t understand the lighter blue circles within the globe. Looking at all the circles makes me slightly dizzy. I also preferred the all caps typeface from the pervious version of the logo.


I use Google every day for email, search and calendar. While their services are amazing their logo is not. Although it is extremely distinctive (because of popularity of their services) Google’s logo is horrible! Drop shadows, beveling and emboss make this logo horrifying on the eyes. Maybe this is a case where bad design can be successful?


The new Citroen logo misses the mark by going the route of an overused metallic 3D graphic effect. The typography looks futuristic and cheesy. I do like the new softer shape of the arrows. Less 3d and a better typeface choice would do this logo good.


The lettering of this new logo has a nice swirly quality to it. I’m also enjoying the nice u-n ligature. While I enjoy the lettering the amount of swirls are completely overwhelming and cause my eye to move around the design way to much.


I think the bold type sans the perspective of the previous logo is a step in the right direction but all the other elements in the design make it far to busy.

Toronto Blue jays

Another great classic sports logo has bit the dust. This new logo design misses the mark – removing the maple leaf and the red makes this logo less distinctive and boring.

Dollar General

The original logo was not very eye catching or distinctive and neither is this iteration. I do however like the updated typeface. The containing shape represents a stretched dollar, but I think this gets lost in the details.

The new world trade center memorial foundation logo bland and not memorable. It almost seems to light for such a serious topic. I much preferred the footprint and building mark combination of the previous logo.

By Niki Brown

  • http://submitcss.com Greg

    I agree with you on the 20 great logos, but I’ll have to disagree with you on about 50% of the bad ones. I’m not a huge fan of change, but I do like minimalism…

    Good list though


  • http://www.blurbia.com Tyler Shick

    Hey, I loved reading through this post. A good collection for sure.

    One thing though – there seems to be a few variations of the new Detroit Lions logo floating around. I’m a huge Lions fan (unfortunately) so I immediately recognized that the one you included is a little off.

    Here is a link to the correct version –



  • http://twitter.com/marshall24 Chris

    Nice selection of redesigns. I wonder why the Chicago 2016 needed a redesign, I actually prefer the older. Keeping on an Olympic theme, the London 2012 logo is simply terrible. Mainly for the reasons you mention but also for looking like a woman kneeling and…

    Well, enough said.

  • http://creativenote.net Florian

    Great post! But I must say I disagree with some of the “bad” ones, as Greg. For instance, the new AT&T logo is a great example of redisgn to my eyes….

  • Donnatucci

    Decent post…I totally dig your site and content but this is just a rehashing of content from the past months worth of “Brand New” website posts, to which I also subscribe to….Im kind of disappointed. Sorry.

  • http://kimsokol.com Kim

    Ah, subjectivity. =) I hate the UPS redesign (probably because of a strong dislike of the whole web 2.0, make-everything-shiny-with-gradients look that’s taking over the world) and I like the new Wal Mart – it’s a little less evil-looking. Nice post, tho.

  • tato

    hello. thank you for this post.

    But I do not agree with you with some logo redesigns. like: xerox, google and Citroen.

    I think they look very nice

  • http://astorieddesign.com AkaokA

    Great post; I’d also disagree with a number of the ‘Bad’ choices, but in particular I’d like to point out that I heard (not sure of this) that the Kraft redesign was only for the corporate entity and will *not* be seen by the general public. If that’s the case, then it’s not *that* big of a deal at all.

  • Danny

    The Chicago logo was redesigned because torch imagery isn’t allowed, apparently– but they did a great job with the new one.

    I happen to love the ATT redesign. I’m surprised you like the Lions’ new look but not the Blue Jays’. Is it really a total failure just because the leaf is gone? And Google’s logo is perfect, IMHO.

    Other than that, great article!

  • Danny


    A reviewer gives good solid reasoning for criticizing a design. Personal perference should never be a sole reasoning…

    Also, do you have any fucking idea what you’re talking about?

    No, you don’t. Get your own personal blog and keep your shit off this great site before you discredit it any more.

  • Angela

    Great post. Having completed a graphic design program last fall, it takes me back to my learning about good and bad design. I surprised myself by being able to see the good and bad elements as you did (though, like others, not always agreeing) and also seeing the trends in design today. Maybe I did learn something from my studies!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • http://www.psdfan.com Tom Ross

    This post was absolutely great, I loved how you looked at the bad redesigns, as well as the good ones.

  • http://pelfusion.com pelfusion

    i loved the redesign of Envato…crisp and clean

  • Kanefire

    Two things that may seem less than obvious.

    Both of these follow an evolution of consciousness motif as a “new age” arises. The are based in sacred geometry. Don’t know if you have noticed other 6 pointed asterisks in commercials such as vonage and others. It is a six pointed star and is an evolutionary step from their five pointed star and represents spirit in overcoming emotions (5 pointed star). These things affect the subconscious. Maybe look up metatrons cube. The sunkist put a sacred spiral in the top center, this represents the activation of the 3rd eye another shift into the spirit realm. Have fun in your awakening.

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  • http://nikibrown.com/designoblog Niki Brown | The Design O’Blog


    Sorry you disagree with the reasoning for why I thought each logo design was good or why it missed the mark. I’m sorry you think this article is bad.

    I do have my own personal blog you can visit it here if you like: http://thedesignoblog.com

    Thanks for all the comments!

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    Fantastic post. Some redesign are really nice and perfect! thanks! ;)

  • http://bradcolbow.com Brad C

    I never realized how much similarity there was between the old KFC logo and that Obama Hope poster that was everywhere last year.

  • http://Themeperks.com Steve Alcorn

    I agree with most of these, but I think the new UPS logo is meaningless, while I don’t object to the drop shadow and bevel of the distinctive Google logo.

  • Danielle

    The sphere in the new AT&T logo is meant to appear three-dimensional.

    The white is opaque while the blue is translucent; the shading you see in the blue are the bands of white and blue passing on the other side of the sphere. This gives the viewer the impression that they are looking through the sphere.

  • Really….Really?

    Like others, I kind of disagree with a lot of your “Not so great” logos.

    And for the AT&T logo, I believe the background light blue lines within the globe is to give the logo a transparent feel…. Such as you’re looking into the globe and those lines are the other side of the concentric lines going around it.

    And I like the Sierra Mist logo also, I think the literal take on it was a great idea. I somewhat disagree with you on the new Gatorade logo’s too. I think it’s a bit….empty?

  • Conor

    Agreed on the top 20 but I’m can’t say the same about the second set, I like a majority of them better, particularly the sierra mist and the new world trade center memorial foundation logo. I think the lightness of it effectively uses negative space to represent what we know is there but isn’t actually there, it’s like a memory.

  • http://twitter.com/ANDYATHOMAS Andy

    Love the collection…I actually like a lot of the bad designs aswell especially the Blue Jays, Xerox and Capitol One

  • Steve

    Glad to see the London 2012 logo included here. As a designer living in London I’m almost sick on my shoes every time I see it! A case of the GLC trying to look diverse and “down with the kids” methinks..!

  • http://realwebmagic.com PinDrop

    Nice collection of old vs new redesign.
    But do not get Jack in the box…. to me it is dysfunctional. If they are phasing out “in the box”.. Okay, maybe. But then why the box shadow/shape? To me bad design at it’s best. It’s only fresh because it’s fresh. Reverse the images and “time in use as company logo” and I would agree there is a good redesign.
    Argentina is boring, hardly worth bringing up. Gatorade, the new design looks more modern, but also less distinctive – a soon to be forgotten brand. Swisscom works only in motion and on the car i.e. occasionally. At typical logo size in static form it’s ugly as shi***. Tropicana has to be the most suicidal redesign in history – do they want to kill the brand on purpose? I used to like Tropicana now I feel like I’m buying a generic brand product, like beer labeled beer or cheese cheese. What where they thinking???

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  • BoneZ

    London 2112 is making me laugh… I don’t even know if it’s an olympik thing or a small girl doing “you know what….” to a small boy

  • Michael

    Excellent article, I enjoyed reading it.

    But please…

    When writing the word “too” in order to express something that is beyond acceptable (too much, too many), please spell it properly – with two “o’s.”

    “…but all the other elements in the design make it far to busy” looks like something from a MySpace blog.

  • http://www.w3spor.no Siv

    Wow.. here was really good designs. But I’m a bit surprised that som of the logo’s godt more detalis – I thought that was out – spesially on the web?

  • Cee

    This is a great collection. Great post.

    But I’m going to have to disagree with you on the success of the Jack In The Box logo. I don’t like the swirly font, I don’t think it does its job in speaking to the brand.

    Also, I will have to disagree with you on the Capital One redesign, I think it is very effective, eye-catching, pleasant, and appropriate.

    I am from Toronto and a long-time Blue Jays fan. I can tell you that the new logo is very effective and embraced by fans new & old. Although the older version was very classic, the new colorways for the uniforms that go with this logo are loved by many, we don’t see a problem with it and I don’t find it the least bit boring. It’s actually a quite clever logo and is part of the re-branding from the “Blue Jays” to just the “Jays”.

  • Chris H

    I totally agree with the Tropicana look. It just made themselves look like generic orange juice. I’m surprised Pepsi didn’t make your list.

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  • http://www.sliverofice.com Erica McGillivray

    All the swishes make me thing that Nike doesn’t have their trademark on the swish anymore. Or it’s not as strict as it used to be.

    I think the really old Starbucks logo would be memorable if they continued to use it (in more than just the original shop in Pike’s Market). Though it would be remembered for the mermaid’s bare breasts, not for it’s iconicness.

  • http://www.goenvisage.com Ryan

    I can agree with most of these, except for two. First, the new Jack in the box logo is terrible. If it were just the Jack without “in the box” tagged on, it’d be great. Also, I am a personal fan of the at&t rebranding. The swirls in the globe are a littlte bit over the top, but it’s definitely an improvement.

  • http://www.andrewbradyonline.com Andrew

    I love the recovery.org one, I don’t really think the analysis of it was valid.

  • http://www.designharp.com Shadi Mokhtar

    I would have included the brand redesign for Egypt Air ..

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  • http://www.themerrybird.com Kristine

    Nice list of new and old logos. The ones that stand out to me are — The New Jack in the Box is Great – Pyramid Beer should have stayed with the old version, At&t new logo was an improvement, BP’s new flower… uhh not! Best buy should have stayed with the tag…the new simpler version takes away the excitement of a good purchase! Walmarts New logo is improved – the dash of yellow makes it more alive.

    Thanks for sharing this post!

  • @martinwsi

    Definitely a discussion starting article. Whilst you are mostly right on the money, I disagree with you on a few points. First, I hate the new Jack in the Box logo. The old one was so much better, it was bolder and more distinctive. Also, the original Chicago 2016 was way better – that torch was really cool. As for Best Buy – that new one is awful! I quite like the recovery.gov one and also I have come to love the Citroen one. The Citroen logo reminds me of the ice skating robot ad which was one of the best ever. I think they’ve really managed to change everyone’s perception of the brand over the past few years.
    I’ll end with one i agree with you on. Quark. Why did they change it? I always loved that logo and they’ve ruined it! *sob*

  • http://rrchapman.us Bob Chapman

    While I strongly endorse the products from Pyramid Breweries, there is a problem with the new logo. Have any one of you seen the default “logo” that Microsoft Publisher 2003 uses for any one or any business, until you change it?

    The default MS Publisher 2003 logo is a pyramid that looks much like the one in the Pyramid Brewery new logo.

    A side note about the NBC logo shown on this site. The stylized “N” without a peacock was only briefly used–and that was about 30-40 years ago. The reason it was briefly used was that, after spending a lot of money with an ad firm to research and develop a new logo, it was discovered that Nebraska Educational Television used the very same “N” motif, but in a different color.

    Because of trademark infringement, NBC paid Nebraska Educational TV (bucks, used equipment) and supply funding to find a new logo. NBC figured it was easier to change a logo in use only in Nebraska, and the network liked the money.

    Even after paying off Nebraska Educational TV, the peacock reappeared on the NBC logo a short time later because of complaints. They took the “N” and placed the peacock over it.

    I’m surprised you found the “N” with a peacock anywhere. It was so long ago.

  • http://www.auradev.com Web Design Portland

    Interesting post but I have to disagree on some of the comments. The new Jack logo is terrible and some I liked some of the ones that you said weren’t good.

  • O.B.

    My company has changed logos recently. I prefer the older logo, the only better point of the new logo is the colors.

  • http://www.pilotfishseo.com Heather Kyle

    I thought the Sprint redesign would have been much more effective without the use of the yellow box as a background. I really like the abstract representation of the pin dropping, however, putting a box around it seems to lessen the feeling of movement. I also think the negative space would have been much more appealing without the box.

    Great post. Thank you.

  • http://www.website-and-graphic-design.com/blog/ Anne

    I agree with a previous commenter – critique of this nature should be objective, not subjective, and backed up by good solid arguments/data.

  • Lucian Lature

    Don’t forget to mention the new logo of Wacom – http://www.etre.com/blog/2007/10/wacoms_new_logo/ as a really bad one, the same creative team of London 2012 logo.

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  • http://www.randomjabber.com Deron Sizemore

    I kind of like the new World Trade Center Memorial Foundation logo better. Gives the impression of looking down at the twin towers from the sky. Or at least I assume that was what they were going for?

  • http://www.timmustoedesign.com timmustoedesign

    have a look at TAP Portugal – excellent redesign.

  • Brandon

    In reference to the Walmart star: is it possible that the top 3 points could be a “W” and the bottom three points could be an “M?” I had never considered that before you pointed out how generic it was… but maybe they did?

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  • Maseeh

    hey, great post. but i do not agree on some of the bad designs. i think the google logo looks better than before. Though i agree the drop spoils it a little. i quite like the toronto blue jays logo as well.

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  • http://www.designversatil.com.br Jeancarlo Cerasoli

    Great post!
    To find the old logo from Argentina, just try Google with Aerolineas Argentina.
    Have fun.
    Jeancarlo, from Brazil

  • http://www.scriptingok.com Learn Web Design

    This is by far one of the best logo comparatives Ie seen. Keep doing this nice job!

  • http://genggao.net Geng Gao

    first, great post! Thanks for sharing with us.
    Great examples of good ones.
    Although I thinks Walmart, London 2012, Xerox, AT&AT’s new logos are great improvements.

  • http://www.ogrenmenesneleri.com/ herzevekil

    great post. thanks…

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  • Chris Allison

    Your ‘great’ upgrades are just that, but your ‘not so great’ upgrades are actually fine. The only ones I don’t like are SunKist, Fanta, and the London 2012.
    Modern day means simple, slick, and pleasing to look at and all these save for the three mentioned look great.

  • http://www.absolutecovers.com Ovi Dogar

    Some really great examples! ;)

    Keep up the great work!

    Ovi Dogar

  • ern

    Interesting, but I disagree with a number of your assessments, the Tropicana one perhaps the most. I found the new design to be quite appealing, and I had no trouble finding the brand in the store (I really doubt this was any serious problem). It’s a fresh and clean design, and far better than the rather dated straw-in-the-orange motif.

    I also dislike the new Sprint logo, whose imagery means absolutely nothing to me. I also felt the Jack in the Box logo, while better than the original, is completely uninspired and boring.

    I’m also not sure how you could be confused about the light blue curves in the AT&T logo. It’s obviously the continuation of the other curves in 3D. I’m not a big fan of 3D anything in logos, but it’s not confusing. I like the sphere better in the logo (it’s far more contemporary), but like you prefer the all caps of the old logo.

    I like the new World Trade Center logo–it’s like you’re looking up from standing between the towers, and seeing their tops again in the sky. Much better than seeing the towers in what looks like a hole in the ground in the old logo. Yes, it could be a bit darker…

  • http://xo66ut.ru/ Xo66uT

    Very intresting logos, but some of them are not good redesigns, imho. The last for example.

  • linden

    In responds to the Wisconsin logo it is a positive change for the brand. Its always important to remember what the logo stands for. Many people who have not been to Wisconsin or lived in the Midwest might only refer to the state as the place with the cheese heads. However amusement parks are a large part of visitor attraction. The “W” looks to have a flag in it that would speak directly to those who travel to Wisconsin to attend the many of its amusement parks. The “N’s” have a similar meaning in that they probably refer to the rivers and falls in Wisconsin and maybe to the Wisconsin Dells which is one of the largest water parks in the US and is called “The Waterpark Capital of the World!”So considering those are just a few of the things that would attract visitors to Wisconsin I think the logo is very successful.

  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Mike

    Loads of interesting logos, I think its interesting how much controversy a logo design can cause, for instance the London 2012 logo, these things don’t go un-noticed!

  • Courtnwy

    a note on the Tropicana branding. When I first saw it in stores, I overlooked it because I thought it was a store brand!!! My friend had to point it out later that Tropicana had changed their look.

    As for Walmart, the asterisk always reminds me of the fine print. Which is usually very deceptive.

  • buzzkill

    The backdrop of the new KFC logo is the shape of one of KFC’s buckets. Subtle, but effective.

    The new Quark logo reminds me of the monster.com logo for some reason.

    I’m surprised you left of Wacom’s new logo in your “bad” category. That thing is just godawful!

  • http://www.psprint.com/postcards Ashley Adams : Postcard Printing

    I think the importance lies in understanding when to change a logo and when not to. One should also realize that making a logo 3-D doesn’t help always. Quark and AT&T are sad victims to such a school of thought that believes in making things go 3-D in order to improve upon them.

  • http://www.usdevelopersjournal.com/ designing logos

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    Great logos, interesting to see how the new designs are more streamlined and 3 dimensional. Starbucks just went back to black though, not sure why. I liked the green.

  • http://www.gallagherwebsitedesign.com Business Website Design

    Thanks for putting together that collection, it was great to look through. But I disagree with a lot of your “not so great” logos. Many of those logos look just fine to me. And the other thing that is important is that the logo should communicate exactly what the business/company is.

    I think that Google’s logo is great, everyone I know immediately recognized that logo and even when those colors are used in a row on letter people immediately identify it with Google. It simply a great logo.

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    …I found an interesting blog on the worst and best redesigns of well know logos.

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    Amazing but I am not happy with ‘Best Buy’ logo.

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    I agree with most of your comments. Its surprising how so many big companies ruin perfectly good branding at attempts at giving themself’s a new look.

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    agree with greg, your good list is good but I disagree with many of the bad. I think a lot of the redesigns are fine. I happen to LOVE the word trade center redesign. I think one that’s not on the bad list that should be is Pepsi! Worst redesign I’ve ever seen.

  • yep

    Oh and I hate the new best buy logo. bleh.

  • http://www.wrecks2riches.co.uk Elliot

    Great post – what about British Airways, they had a big rebranding exercise.

    Great to see how brands have changed their logos as part of their repositioning.

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    Great list! Thanks a lot. KFC is a good example of good new design.

  • http://www.pdgraphics-multimedia.com patrick

    I would agree with you on 95%. I do love Paul Rand as well but I think the old UPS logo was a tad out dated. The new logo was redesigned at just the right time but will be soon out of date. I’m not really digging the new Best Buy logo. Its boring…Maybe to subtle! I also thought the AT&T logo was a step in the right direction and do not mind the blue. I think the Bahamas logo is nice and colorful but a little overdone and may not have proper scale relations between the name and the images..

  • max

    About Mtn Dew… I don’t know the band and actually like the redesign you show here but I think someone must point another aspect: Both phonetically and by its chat roomish style it reminds me very much of Scottish soft drink IRN BRU, which Pepsi must definitely have been aware of.

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    This is a fabulous article! The 20 not-so-great designs are a perfect example of why “newer” isn’t necessarily “newer and better.”

    Why do some companies change things just for the sake of change? Lame.

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    I only like about 60% of the new ones and but some of the old look better than new.

  • KC

    Does anybody know the font of the new Envato logo?

  • Logo King

    I could have done them all better. Especially the Coke.

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  • Gonzo

    Nice post. I agree with most of your comments. That said, it’s not fair to judge logos without also putting their applications into perspective. As signage, the Walmart logo really compliments the redesigned look of their stores. I wasn’t crazy about the Xerox redo until I saw it as badging on the iGen4 press — very impressive. BestBuy’s logo seems boring at first, but the store uniforms (blue polo with the simple yellow tag symbol) is brilliant. The Swisscom logo doesn’t make any sense (what’s the symbol suppose to be?). You should never rely on cheesy animation to sell the merits of a logo. I also agree with the Pepsi comments — definitely makes my “bad” list.

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  • Sabertooth

    Yes! I’m glad someone hates the google logo like me!!! i hate that thing sooooo much!!!

  • http://www.stadiumcreative.com Chris Davies

    This is a really interesting article, thanks!

    I recently wrote a blog called ‘8 logos that should’ve been left alone’ that covers a couple of the same areas. It’s interesting to hear a differing opinion on the UPS rebrand – the majority of people are staunchly against it.

    The article can be found here: http://bit.ly/dm3JU8


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    I like how UPS and Burger King redesigned their logo, while I like the older AT&T logo better.
    Even BP logo was better in the old version…
    Thanks for sharing this interesting article!

  • http://detox.qhub.com Jenny2010

    i think the google logo looks better than before. Though i agree the drop spoils it a little. i quite like the toronto blue jays logo as well. This gives the viewer the impression that they are looking through the sphere.

    Sincerely, Jenny from Detox

  • Lulu

    I really enjoyed reading through this commentary, often the mind knows what it finds appealing without necessarily having a cognitive process, this really helped put words to reaction.
    Also I must say that the bahamas logo was by far my favorite, it evoked such a joyful feel, something irresistible about it!

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    Great post. Seems like companys update their logo every decade or so. I miss some of the old logos.


  • http://www.viprealtydfw.com Frisco Real Estate

    I love the Toronto bluejays new logo. I think the stream lined approach is great.

    • Big daddy

      the old bluejays logo is vintage bro its tooo dope ya feel dawg?


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  • http://www.theimagebox.co.uk acrylic prints

    Well a great collection of both good and bad designs. I agree and disagree with some of the comments. I much prefer the new UPS logo and the mountain dew although the new kraft logo is just awful. The kraft logo looks like a generic freebie logo that you can download anywhere. Click my name for a look at our logo as it going under a rebrand soon.

  • http://fischergk.webs.com Greg

    One I didn’t see here was the redesign of Coke for the New Coke back in the 80s. That’s where a case of not only logo redesign, but product redesign didn’t do very well for the company. In particular, I was looking at the Burger King logo. I differ in opinion with the writer on the Burger King logo. It’s still very busy, and not real memorable, like the golden arches of McDonalds. Yes, you have the commercials with the King, but then, those even aren’t that memorable. I myself would have a hard time rebranding this one, but for sure, it needs another one.

    • Big daddy

      Ya tripping homie

  • catherine

    Some of the new logos are just wrong wrong wrong! especially the mountain dew one… I feel that the mountain dew new logo looks like it has been pulled from the 70s… and what is up with the London olympics one… I just don’t understand

  • AleksHello

    The Starbucks is not the newest… ;)

  • http://www.mattscanvas.co.uk/ Matt @ Canvas Prints

    nice to have some inspiration from large corps. to bounce off. good to see side by side the actual differences, thank you

  • http://www.yahire.com Ben Leslie

    That logo is doing it!!

  • Martin Silvertant

    After looking through this list and visiting your website I really wonder to which extent you’re only giving your opinions, because I can’t agree with your opinion on several re-brandings and your website is missing key features and isn’t much to look at either (except for the logo, though I’ve seen this style countless of times before). I would like to say a few things on a few logos.

    First the “good”:

    UPS – I don’t get why you reject logos for using cheap tricks like bevel & emboss and drop shadows, yet you (somewhat) approve of this rebranding. I think the logo is lost in the effects and it especially looks disastrous in websites. The new design would be very effective if it was still just the line work — like the old logo. As the re-brand stands now, almost everything is wrong with it.

    The Bahamas – I read the report, and the research is good but the conclusion is missing the point in my opinion. This is not a logo but a simple type covered in decorations which really don’t tell me anything. Very generic use of symbols.

    Argentina – I would have to see the branding to draw a definite conclusion, but the logo itself really doesn’t speak to me. The ribbons really don’t communicate any key terms unless you really want them to. It’s incredibly subjective.

    Swisscom – I agree the logo looks much better than the old one, so in that regard I guess I could consider the re-branding a success. The problem however is that I can’t figure out what the new symbol actually is, which is not good for a brand. I would be irritated every time I see the logo, regardless of whether it’s aesthetically pleasing.

    Gatorade – Beautiful typeface, and in general a succesful re-brand. It’s not perfect though. The lightning bold reminds me too much of the Winamp logo, which I consider a bad thing.

    And now the “bad”:

    Tropicana – This doesn’t seem to be a design error as much as it harms the confidence people have with the brand. I can understand that as a loyal customer you pity the fact that this recognizable orange with the straw isn’t on the package anymore, but that doesn’t mean the re-brand is bad. It’s not perfect and perhaps too generic, but not bad or worse than the old branding.

    Wisconsin – Both the old and the new logo completely miss the point, however there’s nothing wrong with the peculiarities in the type. It’s just not suitable in this context. Why would you even consider something like cheese for the logo though? That’s not something that would speak to everyone in Wisconsin. It’s way too specific.

    Mountain Dew – Not great, but not worse than the old branding. You’re being very subjective.

    London 2012 – I’ve heard all the criticism and at first I was shocked myself. Not so much by the design, but by the cost of this particular design. Having said that, it grew on me more and more. Why does ‘2012’ have to be very legible? It’s legible enough to understand what the logo means and what it’s for, and that’s the whole point. You’re thinking up criteria which are of little relevance to this particular logo/brand.
    “The result however looks very amateurish and trendy”
    Very subjective. Technically it looks proper — from the construction itself to the matching type of ‘London’. So where’s the amateur aspect? And what’s wrong with trendy? I thought it was actually the purpose to design a logo for the olympics 2012. Why would this have to be a timeless logo while it’s only used one year?

    Xerox – I’m not a fan of the sphere with the cross myself, but at least the logo looks professional. The typography of the old logo was terrible and the symbol is dated.

    Quark – I have to admit that the new logo is very unoriginal, but it does look professional (despite the cheap tricks used for the effects) and the color of the typography is much more balanced. I’m having a hard time believing someone would consider the old logo better than the new one.

    AT&T – I think the type in the new logo is too light and inferior looking, but there’s nothing wrong with the symbol, and the inner lines are quite logical. A rather successful re-brand, and a good logo by itself.

    Toronto Blue jays – I’m even getting annoyed when reading your comment on the re-brand. It looks much more professional, more mature. The maple leaf really had no relevance in the logo. As for the red… they’re called BLUE jays. The illustration is interesting enough so the red isn’t needed anymore. This is actually a very clever re-brand.

    Citroen – The new type in my eyes really “speaks” the brand. As for the metallic effect on the symbols, I would normally be more eager to reject it, but faking the chrome of the symbol applied to real cars is really clever. I consider the re-brand a thorough success.

    Also, I mean no offense, but check your grammar (learn the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’) because I can’t take whatever you write seriously because of this.

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    great logo design thank you

  • http://www.seodesk.co.uk SEO Jim

    Cant believe the Starbucks logo that looked so bad before. Its a shame when an established Brand changes a great logo into a terrible one. I think it really can damage the brand.

  • http://www.billyholm.se Billy

    We agree on a lot of logos BUT the new UPS logo is f***ng shitty. 3D with no thought. The old one is great and I want it back.

  • Big daddy

    All of these have swag no doubt,

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  • Project Xero

    This is all your biased opinion.

  • Reed Sawyer

    Interesting article. I didn’t agree with everything that you said, but some of the designs were a horrible rebranding effort. I would suggest that you use a dictionary, and understand that “to” and “too” have different meanings, and should not be used interchangeably.

  • http://www.bharattutors.com/ BharatTutors

    It was interesting to see the analysis of new and old logo. I liked the article.

  • name policy

    Methinks whomsoever ‘critiqued’ these logos missed the point in many of the changes. I would be happy to put $$$ on how much more effective the newer logos are with peeps of various fairly specific demographics _under_ a given age. Age really does dictate to the market finally, now, today. If you have had the pleasure of raising children in the past 20 – 30 years you know that the average attention span and what gets spotted in that precious mercurial second is very different indeed than anything that went before it. IOW, none of these changes are being made for the benefit of someone who may think they have a grasp of the ‘old’ school fundamentals of design and graphics.

  • C. Adkins

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