A website doesn’t always need a lot of design elements to be considered good. Sometimes great typography alone can get the job done. This article is a showcase of designs that fall into that category. With these sites you won’t see a lot of textures, color, or imagery, but instead a focus on type and layout.

  • http://www.fubiz.net Fubiz

    Very good selection and roundup!

  • http://www.chamainc.com Moses

    Hello Henry,

    Thanks for rounding up these examples and appreciate you including Chama as one of the examples.

    Keep up the great work on your site.


  • http://submitcss.com GregWilliam

    Yep, great selection. I think I’ll include some of these in Submit Css in the future.

    Great work!

    – GregWilliam

  • http://www.ehousestudio.com Bob Galmarini

    Great post and selection of sites. Nice to see typography recognized as an important part of web design again. It is often forgotten about.

  • http://www.heartworker.com Joel Helin

    Nice. Really like this collection.

  • http://profitdreamer.com Edwin Joseph

    Wow..very simple designs but the layout is really good!

  • http://www.richardbutlerthesuccesscoach.com Richard Butler

    I hope i would have like one of those designs!

  • Jason

    I’m not suggesting this article implies that good typography constitutes the absence of other elements, but looking at the examples shown, there are many that seem to think it does.

  • http://www.markwieman.com Mark Wieman

    This is a great collection. I am flattered that you chose my site to be included. Thank you.

  • http://inspireme.lasoeurkaramazov.net/ Mitternacht

    Sobriety and sophistication at their best!
    I love these designs, I made a theme for Dotclear with these in mind.
    But I think this list needs Khoi Vinh’s Substraction to be complete:
    A perfect example of typography-oriented, grid-based design.

  • Davo

    Fantastic for inspiring, me parece muy generosa la pagina para saber las tendencias, saludos desde Catalonia

  • http://www.netizen.web.tr web

    This is a great collection

  • http://www.think-new.com Adam

    Wow way cooler typography than the other page I just checked out.

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  • http://www.weebernet.com Penang web design

    thank you for rounding up these examples…

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